Friday, May 20, 2005

H is for Honesty........

Thats what my blogs for. Keeping it real. This is my life, and I got nothing to hide. Hopefully somewhere along the way I'll say something that means something to someone else. Or helps them along their journey. This has been a busy busy thought provoking week. Wednesdays bible study was on the major profits, Isaiah, Ezekial, Sammuel, and Jeremiah. Man if those folks were around today, making the predictions they made....holy cow, they'd be complete wackos. Reading Isaiah, and some of the prophecies that are about Jesus, and are right on target, wow that's some good stuff.

Dealing with schools, psychologist, pediatricians, childrens no joke people, makes you grow up real quick. I have never had an assertive personality, but the minute I think my kids not getting the best he can get, wow I become a women with power. And I start making phone calls and sending e-mails to get to the bottom of things, amazingly it works and you get answers! Who knew? Perry met with the child psychologist this morning. Truely, God was all up in the mix. I prayed briefly before I got there, that he would be a christian. Not a christian psychologist practicing in a christian practice, but a mainstream psychologist that just so happens to be a christian. Big difference, the other can be a bit too churchy, and have a hard time getting to the scientific stuff that causes whatevers going on, I feel you need that and it gives you the bigger picture. of the first things he asked us what if we went to church. And he knew of the Vineyard, as a matter of fact he attends Clovernook Christian which is where a lot of Vineyard folks leave and go there and visa versa....he's gone there for 30 years. How cool is that? May not mean alot to some folks, but if someone can understand what makes me tick and how I am raising my kid to begin with because my spiritual life plays such a huge part in everything in my life, that makes a world of difference.

Thanks so much for the great support I have gotten from the 2 people who can admit they read my blog, your comments mean a lot. I have become aware of a few fans who are addicts of my blog......I know who you are, and how about some love every once in a while! Ha Ha just kidding silent lurking is perfectly acceptable. I am sure there are many who do that.


Stacie said...

Jodi, you are SO right about having a Christian to deal with. You really do have a totally different world view when you're a believer. Good that you're going to have that kind of support when you need it.

And the assertiveness that comes out when your kid is involved? Total primal mothering instinct :-) You go with your bad self. Hang in there. It may not get "better" as in "fixed" but little by little we'll be able to deal with the special things our boys need.

Connie P. said...

Hey, I read it...I just get behind cause I can't read it while I am at work, which is where I do most of my internet surfing.