Thursday, May 05, 2005

Greater Story Part 2

G is for....more of the Greater Story.

Tonight Allan led us through a study of Psalms. Holy cow who knew all of that was in there? 3 types of Psalms.....Goodness, Lament, and Hope. Goodness is your just there, nothing happening all is fine. Lament is going through crap, and Hope is what comes from the crap. Interesting, I've completely simplified what took him an hour and half to teach. He's the bomb by the way, very real, a bit of a spaz, but real. Which I can relate to real. He challenged those of us who may be writers, which I don't consider myself much of a writer, although I write here and have been writing since I was 12 in a journal. Once was a creative writing major in college, but all of those thing do not make me a writer. Not sure what that makes me, maybe a writer wanna-be. Ha! Ok so maybe I could try my hand at writing a psalm? I can only think of a lament right about now, just the mood I am in I think. Lemme give a try.

God I seek your face
and see nothing
I pray for help
and just get more troubles
You trust me with your creation
and I often feel I am failing
Why do you hide
why must I dig further
I trust that you are there
but often do not feel your presence
disorganization haunts my every turn
God you are probably under all that rubble
rubble of disorganized living and chaos.
Yet I continue to seek your face, and
believe you will show up.

Hey I never claimed to be David. Tomorrow I'll try my hand at a happy goodness filled psalm.
PS I don't think Connie is a regular blog visiter....hee hee...I've not been yelled at for the posting of the lovely picture. I am sure she'll show up at some point. I'm not telling her shhhhh.....

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Stacie said...

"Alan" as in "Canadian Alan" (can't remember his last name)? He always cracked me up at church.

I like your Psalm -- it's honest. David probably didn't think much of his own desperate attempts to find God in the middle of his own crap. Good work, sister.