Saturday, May 07, 2005


Geez, I've been on the G's for a while now. But I am going to make an attempt at doing a psalm of goodness. Here goes, it's gonna be lame I can feel it.

God how amazing are you
You created smart people
Amazing are you God
Smart people who make really cool things
Like Ipods
Of which you can load up with tons of tunes
for that life is amazing
Smart people who create marketing gimmiks
like cool colored Ipods
Like Metalic, green, blue, and more importantly
You are amazing Oh God!

Ok so again, I never claimed to be David, but I bet with the right music I could dance like him. That's right I got me a Pink ipod! Ok so ultimately I wanted the green one, and my husbands real mad because he doesn't understand the concept, but I do, and had to have is good. Ok so the green ones have to be special ordered, and I wanted a cool color, blue is, white, silver......Lame......but pink very unpredictable and flashy....and it's very pretty. So any of you folks out there in blog land got any ipod tips....send them my you use the calender? Is it hard? I'm a happy happy girl.


Stacie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of iPod obsession :-) I'm typing up my play lists for you at the moment. Hope you can contain yourself. Also? No Kenny is involved in the typing of those aforementioned play lists.

Rock on with your new iPod.

Connie P. said...

Congrats. You got your ipod. I got my trimmer. We are a couple of happy girls at the moment, aren't we?