Saturday, May 14, 2005

Oh well will you look at that? There they are again. LOL.....they are dang cool.  Posted by Hello

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Connie P. said...

Okay, I have always been partial to blondes. Did I marry one? No.

Oh, and dimples...LOVE dimples. Does my husband have them? No.

So, a girl needs a little eye candy every once in a while, right? Speaking of which, did I tell you MEGAN actually used that phrase the other day? I have NO idea where she heard it. But, Craig and I about died! Pretty funny coming out of a 3 year old. Man, I gotta be better about what my daughter watches. I am pretty sure they don't use that phrase on Dora the Explorer or Blues Clues.

(Hmmmm...not sure how I got from blonde, dimpled men to Blues Clues. But, somehow I managed it. I think I need to go to bed.)