Saturday, May 14, 2005

H is for.....EXHAUSTED

See I can tell what letter I am on but can't spell, because I am so tired. WW was not my friend this week and I gained 2 lbs which is the most I've gained in the 16 or so weeks I've been doing this "eat right" program. Frankly it's rather shocking I've not gained before, since like anything else in my life, I am super organized about the whole thing at first, counting points eating only the right foods ect.....then when I think I have it all figured out I slack off and stop counting, because I don't need to because I have it all figured out.

The ipod is a lovely, amazing, and beautiful piece of equiptment. But I've decided it's the devil. It and itunes kept me up way too late several times this week. I have absolutely NO "go to bed" discipline. I'd like to take this moment right here to blame my parents, for strictly enforcing a bedtime on me as a child. So now since I've been incharge of my own life for like 16 years....I don't think I've had a good 8 hours of sleep! It's a free for all people. My mind tells me sleeping is a waste of time theres 8 good hours you could be downloading music or scrapping....what would you be doing otherwise but laying lifeless in you bed sawing logs....BORING....! Theres really something I need to do to change my attitude, my body is telling me....."dude you need some sleep yo!" Any advice for changing my attitude is very welcomed.

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Connie P. said...

Just go to bed already. (Of course, it is 12:49 who am I to judge?)