Thursday, May 19, 2005

H is for HELP!

Ok so maybe I asked for a kid that was slightly different. Maybe I said to myself or God, hey it'd be cool to have a kid that wasn't your average, "everyone's got one" kind of kid. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR. That's always well and good until they have to adjust to real life. Or the life that your average kid can adjust to easily. From what I gathered from the intervention meeting at Perry's school today, yes they are going to send him on to 2nd grade, with some additional help. Something called and IEP, Individual Education Plan, which is more help (I hope) than what he got this year. This year we honestly had no idea what we were dealing with. We thought, ok so the kids got ADD or ADHD, give him some meds we'll turn a passing kid into an honor roll student, at least thats what I heard can happen. Not so much the case with Perry, We have done 4 different meds, 3 of which he's on all together now. None of them have helped really. There were signs of improved focus for maybe a few days then, whatevers going on inside of him, laughed basically at the meds, and this demon if you will said I am much stronger and I'll be the winner. Whoa.....looking at it that way makes it sound scary but it makes sense. Again the initial request for a different child, bad idea. He's not even your average ADHD kid! He's a horse of a different color, honestly I like him that way. Why must we change him, why can't we work with what we have? He's not harmful to others, or defient. Granted we can't tell if he's learning or not, because it's almost impossible to test him with a standardized test. Today, and really this could just be today, I'm convinced theres something other than and maybe even instead of ADHD. Ok so we see a therapist tomorrow, and hopefully we can go to Childrens and get some testing done so we can create the best plan for Perry. Continued prayers for this truely blessed child I requested.


Stacie said...

Jodi, remember:

Perry's unique little personality is God's gift to you. Because you were smart enough, strong enough, creative enough to ask for something different. Your smarts, strength and creativity? Those are your gifts to Perry. God knew what He was doing :-)

Connie P. said...

It's a good thing that God made YOU Perry's mommy. You are a strong woman and have the ability to deal with his uniqueness. I am not sure I could do what you have done. I am proud of you and I'll continue to pray.