Monday, May 23, 2005

Bathroom Bandit!

This one's totally for the scrapbook. I may need to take a picture of the school bathroom if I'd like a photo to reinact it, or it may just be a page in his small book about ADD. 2 weeks left in school, almost made it the whole year with a clean record. Other than the wrong bus incident one day, he's been good all year. As if my week with meeting with the intervention team, psychiatrist, and the child psychologist wasn't stressful enough, he comes home with a detention slip. I was devastated! Just my initial reaction if soon wore off. Confronted the child, the child who rarely cares what people think about him, didn't want to talk about it, and his reasoning? I might tell his teacher and she'd think he was a bad kid. Um....hello she's the one who wrote you up dude. Not sure what he was getting at, but he wasn't talking. The detention slip said for crawling under the bathroom stalls. Which seemed fairly amusing to me but 2 days lunch and recess detention for a first time offender seemed a bit much. So I had to talk to his teacher anyways regarding end of the year stuff, so I got to ask her over the phone. I got the whole crazy story.

Big conspiracy going on at West Elementary. For several days someone had been going into the bathroom stall locking the door, then crawling out under the stall. Announcement made over the PA system through the whole school. "Whoever you are cut it out", and "if you see the perpetrator, please tell a teacher." Friday Mr. Perry goes into the bathroom to do his business, or maybe not even to do his busniness maybe to cause a little mischief, goes into the stall, 3rd grade student walks into the bathroom, sees Perry's little head crawling out from under the stall.....Being the school rule abiding 3rd grader he was contacted the nearest teacher, who busted the bathroom bandit, which so happened to be my kid. So he's on lock down for yesterdays lunch/recess, and tomorrow. Hummm....did he act alone? Was their a reward? Will this be on his perminent record?

Not to worry people , I did not make light of the situation in front of the child. To him it was serious offense, and not likely to do it ever again. But away from the kid, that right there is some dang funny stuff. Poor thing, he said after his shower tonight. {after shower time is good talking and singing time} He said "Mommy I'm 8 years old now, am I gonna get any taller? Everyone is taller than me." I told him "yeah you'll get taller eventually maybe when your in 2nd grade. " Good heavens I think I just lied to my kid. I mean I'm only 5'4" and my husband is only 5'6" so it's quite possible the kids not going to be a tall person. Unless he takes after my side of the family, my brother and uncles are tall. But I doubt Perry will be tall. I promise to get back to my alphabet listings, I had to share the latest Perry antics. Never a dull moment.


Shelley S. said...

Jodi this is great! Sorry never posted before, but I was to lazy to create a user name... finally did! Yeah!

Connie P. said...

Oh, this is just about the cutest thing I have read in a long time. You MUST scrap this. But, be sure to find a REALLY clean bathroom for the reenactment. (You know me and all my bathroom phobias that I am passing along to my daughter. I can pretty much guess she will never be crawling on the floor of her school bathroom. Lord only knows what kind of detentions she will get!)