Thursday, May 19, 2005

How cute is this face? God truely has given me more than I asked for. Tonight he had a monster of a headache when I got home so I prayed for his little head. "Dear Jesus make Perry's headache go away." So when we got home from his birthday dinner his headache was gone, and mine was hurting, so I asked him to kiss my head....and he said "Dear Jesus make mommy's headache go away...amen." I love you mommy and kissed my head. That right there is the "voice of truth" in a rather stressful day. Posted by Hello


Melinda said...

He's a beautiful boy, Jodi. And, just like every other boy, he's full of things that make you want to squeeze the air from him--sometimes b/c you love him so much you can't stand it and sometimes because you just want him to HUSH. :)
I hope the IEP provides you with the kind of clarification and direction you need. The good thing is, it will be in writing with frequent assessments of how Perry is doing and what gears may need to shift to take him to the next level.
I think Perry can only benefit from your attitude that he is who he is & that's a wonderful thing.

Stacie said...

Man, I was going to get all encouraging but Melinda pretty much said it all right there :-)