Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Messy House

Does not mean DISORGANIZED! Mom made reference today that I must be unorganized since my house it such a mess. Not the case. I'm organized where I need to be organized. Come home, fix dinner, do homework, do something creative, catch up on e-mails or blogs or whatever, put P to bed, gather clothing for the next day, have a glass of milk, and go to bed. Add a shower for the P-man every other night, and you got yourself a routine. I can't think of anything more organized than my life. One's house does not need to be cleaned unless someone you just met is coming over. Or your going to have a party. A clean house is overrated. Besides have you been to my mothers house lately? I rest my case!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Life Update.....

I've been a bad blogger. Terribly sorry. So it's almost 1 am on a Sunday night, what better time than the present to update my blog. The IEP meeting went really well. I was pleased with what we came up with. Initially I would have said the meeting was chaos. But generally that's what it seems when folks are brainstorming ideas. It should be called a brainstorming IEP meeting. It seems everyone has Perrys best interest in mind. They seem more serious about his situation than they have in the past. Maybe it's the addition of the LD diagnoses or maybe it's because he's now so far behind they are deciding to take a closer look. They are going to work with him on his expressive and receptive language, thank goodness, so hard to get him to talk sometimes, hopefully they can work on him expressing himself. Although Ron's not all that outspoken so it may be genetics, but I don't want him to be that shy to where he can't speak up for himself. So hopefully they can help with that. They are also adding OT, I think they got him into that because of his issues with the firedrills....some auditory issues. I may have Mrs. Landeen to thank for that or the psychologist, either way it's good to be getting services for the P-man.

Ashton and I had a blast playing in the rain this afternoon. Haven't done that in forever. We jumped in puddles and got soaking fun fun!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Ok I'm off to fight the good fight tomorrow morning. Please pray for supernatural powers to come upon me. Right now I'd be lying if I said I was confident. I put a lot on paper, so I won't have to talk much, which is a good thing since "my work tends to be poofy when I'm nervous."....LOL....thanks everyone for hanging in there and praying and having my back every step of this journey.


Geez who knew I had such a crazed fan base. Heres the thing with the "girl", it was a bit personal. That's all I'm saying. I had it all out there for the world to see, and Cyndi thought it was a bit personal, so I deleted it. So blame Cyndi for editing me. The one who was the subject matter will probably thank me. You can probably guess after a little thought and investigation. May I suggest the June archives. Oh and we're having a scary movie tea party this weekend, that's how we celebrate such things. Now simmer down psycho's!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Growing Up.....

I used to think he looked the same every year, but now he seems to be growing up. He may even be an inch taller than he was in kindergarten now. Oh you laugh, but it's true. I know my days coming when he officially graduate to size 6 pants. He can wear them now, but as in just now. I think I did see at least one kid his age yesterday who is actually smaller than him. He'll probably have some crazy growth spirt his junior year in High School.

I'm just glad he's not a girl. And I don't have girls. Oh the drama. Ok a little more about my kid and then onto the talk about the girl, who is not mine. He did great today his first day of 3rd grade. Got communication from one of his teachers today via e-mail said he adjusted well and seemed to do fine with the new routine. Cool. He seemed more open to talk about things after school however briefly, but he did and was happy and excited and not gloomy and moody. His assignment for the week was to introduce himself to 2 kids whose names he didn't know, ask them their name and remember it and tell me. Well he tried to pull a fast one on me. He said he met Kyle and his friend from cub scouts that boy who rides his bus....yeah the key here is a name......ok ok Jordan. Hello he doesn't count, you already knew him he went to summer camp with you. He said well theres Kyle he's from Miss OMalley's class from last.....wait wait wait....I didn't mean to say that. So he met 2 already friends....great....wasn't the object of the game. We'll give another try tomorrow.

Nevermind about the girl it's too tramatic.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good-bye Summer

Yeah ok whatever summers almost over. I refuse to say good-bye to flavorice though, I seriously could eat like 10 a night. Can't we just squeeze one more week out of summer? Anyone else with me? Man Perry school is flippin hot! When we lived in North College Hill, that kind of nonsense was expected in the schools, since it's somewhat a poorer community, we thought the grass was greener in Fairfield, which I suppose it is, if your kid goes to the elementary school in the township. Yep Perry's in a rather old school. Heck my Uncle Dave went to West and he's in his late 50's!! That's one old school. Ok so meet the teacher night was well....HOT.....and I'm hopeful that the teachers seem to have the skills to mold his little mind, they gotta get in there first. Theres a whole lot of info in there, it's getting it out that's the hard part. Good luck to them! And holy cow she's got 25 kids, that's a lot considering he almost went to a school with 12 kids per class. She has a student teacher and P's special ed teacher is going to be in there too. So all sorts of help so that's good.

Ok I mentioned nothing about camping this past weekend. Loads of fun....dang hot....we were conditioning Ben and Perry for school since it's hot there too. LOL.....We camped near Ft. Ancient on the Little Miami....or is it the Great Miami? Well it was a river, and they swam in it. There was a whole lot of flesh eating bugs I have the bug bites to prove it. We had yummy food made in camper pie tins, and played cards till the wee hours. Hearts seems to be the game of choice. It was a ton of fun, one more camping trip for the season planned, and then we're done. 4 times this year not too shabby!

Let the Madness Begin.....

What a rollercoaster of a summer. School starts TOMORROW! I can't find the freakin first day of school shirt, where could it have gone in one week? I knew I should have saved it for the first day. Hard to believe just a few months ago there was the possibility of "P" going to a different school, many miles away. I know God has something different in store for him. This year could be different, this could be the year we find that magic something that can reach him. When it comes to learning he seems so sealed up, best way I can think of to describe it. He seems a little more eager to learn this year though. Not overly excited about going back to school like some kids. I think he thinks about all the things that cause him anxiety, which is a lot of things, many we are probably not even aware of. Well start sending up words, my IEP meeting is Friday morning. Theres so much I'd like to say. Hopefully the school counselor has looked over the evaluation from childrens and will already have some suggestions mapped out. I need to be organized and prepared. 2 things that are not normally in my nature. I do not want my kid to be one of those kids who are funnelled through the system just to get him moved to the next grade. I want him to be challenged and learn the way other kids do. I want him to discover what makes him unique and work extra hard on that so folks will take notice and say hey this kid is special...I see it, but I'm his mom. I know others see it, but someone who can make a difference needs to see it before we lose him in the sea of bad self esteem those days are coming.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Sure if I went to bed at a reasonable hour I wouldn't be so tired. But what's so fun about that anyways? I'm kind of ready for summer to be over, as horrible as that may sound, but this running to my moms everyday or Perry spending the night there 2-3 days a week is getting very old. It'll take a while to undo the damage Geegaw has done. Ha!!! Actually it's not too bad, he seems to be able to differentiate what is ok at home and what is ok at Geegaws.

Scene from this evening:

Perry's new chore, taking in the empty garbage can (thanks Julie). So if I don't make a big deal about his chores, he does them as if they are just part of life and no yelling at all. Love that. I was helping him with the garbage can (which is ginormous by the way), and he says..."you know what mommy, I love Garbage Trucks." "Oh yeah what do you love about them?", "they take our garbage." I have to wonder if he's like me, and can watch the simple art of mechanical things and be in awe, of something simple like a garbage truck. Sure you could drive on by and be like gross that's a yucky job, or you could be like dang who ever came up with that invention is brilliant. Call me crazy but I do that sometimes, enjoy the simple mechanical nature of everyday things, as if they are art. For instance I love a good crane. Or the rawness of a half built building. Or those cool rolling vehicles, that press out asphalt....dang those are cool. Or the super cool suckage of a carpet cleaner. Holy cow.......the ingeniousness that is the birthday present ever. Now that you people thing I am off the hook crazy....I've got to pack for camping.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Never Easy!

I wish I could give other people what I have. Patience, discernment, understanding....for some reason I have it. Sometimes it's a gift sometimes I see it as a curse. I try to explain to other people and I can't seem to form the words to describe it, and I get puzzled looks. If it was up to my husband we'd avoid situtations that show that Perry's quite different than his peers. But my theory is if he doesn't see that others see him as different and the environment is somewhat controlled and safe for him, let him experience these things in his own way. Sure I hear the other parents whisper, or even talk loudly about the clueless kid who is looking rather unaware, and it hurts sometimes because they don't realize that's my kid they are talking about and it's ok if he's clueless, he's out there and thats all that matters to me. It gives other kids the oppurtunity to learn compassion, and to help kids like him and some of them do....not many, but some are helpful. Or it gives the dad who has volunteered the oppurtunity to use his obvious gift to pin point a kid whose got some major issues with focusing and help him feel included and remind him over and over again where he needs to be, never seeming to get tired of it and happy to help. These people all exist in the world. The whispering parent, the gifted volunteer, the compassionate peer, and the clueless little boy. Unfortunately it often seems like theres only one clueless little boy, and he happens to be mine.

Perry did the basketball clinic tonight. It was great Terry Nelson led it he's a former UC Bearcat from their Final Four days back in the early 90's. It was so so good for Perry, these christian based sporting activities are awesome. Terry was good at making most of the boys feel important and included including Perry. Who was sporting his super cool Bazooka Joe high tops, which all the little boys thought were super cool.

So Perry had some moments of frustration this evening. When he gets frustrated he squeezes his little lips together and gives a little me it's just what he does to other it may appear to be a bit odd...and he hits too forgot that part. Not hard just a slap on the arm from being frustrated, it's how he copes. Although this is annoying and frustrating to me in public....hello people don't get that. So we had some time after we got home to discuss these anger outbursts. We were in the car chatting. And we agreed on a "control your anger technique", I even included a little role play so he'd know when it was appropriate. Instead of hitting he's decided to take a deep breath. And if he's really, really, really (I think he included 5 really's here) angry he'll take 3 deep breaths. So cute, he even demo'd it for Geegaw......lets hope it works and he's able to follow through.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Busy Busy weekend!

A girl can never have too many stamps. Just ask my friend Connie....LOL....Just kidding, but her collection is actually much larger than mine. She is far more successful in her stamping endevors than I. Sometime folks even pay her to create things. Nutty, I know, I am not that successful, but I sure do like to buy me some rubber! Another fun and tiring year at Stampaway...I think it's as exhausting for us shoppers as it is for the folks working. You spend hours looking the place over sure not to miss anything cool. Then you make a mental note of where you need to go back to. I was quite proud of myself this year I spent far less than I have in years past, and I was way more choosey. I still got some stamps I love and found hard to resist. Heres my lute.....much of the rubber is in a grab bag, so it doesn't look like a lot. But theres $50 worth of rubber in there, paid only 10....ahhhh yes....the grab bag. My trades are seen here as well. Finally folks have caught on to the ATC's, makes life so much more fun. There was some snooty older women who didn't want to give up the pin trading, and refuse to trade for an ATC....claimed they were only trading for pins. Crazy young folks creating a new thing and not making pins. I'd venture to say they got very few pins. Times have changed. And heres the coolest buy of the weekend. This stamp although mounted on wood, makes me very very happy! Wonder if Audrey ever imagined her face as a rubber stamp would be a very hot thing?

Than last night I hung out with Connie, Julie, Jen and Abby, Julie and I mounted our rubber, Jen and Connie scrapped. Abby watched Jane Austin movies, and discussed them with Connie in great detail. I'd venture to say they are Jane Austin nerds....or shall I say enthusiasts....much like Star Trek has their Trekkies......ha ha ha....I'm not there yet, although I do love me some Pride and Predjudice. Except I do not share the love they have for Mr. Darcy, I do stand firm on my opinion too, no matter how dreamy he looks in his blue coat, in the rain professing his love. Fun weekend....hung with the fam today.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Middle Aged Fat Women Trend.....

You watch it's going to be a thing. Middle aged fat women in black crocs will start riding Razor Scooters. Oh you think I'm crazy? Tony Hawk can't be young forever, and I bet he has a fat wife! Posted by Picasa


You got to love some doodle pants. Run they're at Target, I wouldn't suggest letting them wear them to school with the markers in them, but to make them original before they go to school is very fun. I draw the line at getting rude t-shirts about hating homework, and kids not listening. As if teachers don't have enough trouble with kids, now they have shirts that express the messages. I try to find the funny ones that express something cute and "It seemed like a good idea at the time." or "Small but Mighty" or "It's my boyish charm" These pants are heaven for a kid who loves to draw. We had fun with them last night.

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Oh the escape artist has returned thank goodness. Someone found her and took her to our vet this morning. Crazy dog!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Well Maizy's run off again. I come home after school shopping for P, and I sit down to eat some pizza and Ron says Maizy ran away....and I'm like WHY ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE SITTING DOWN EATING? He made some excuse like what was I suppose to do go look for her with Perry.....holy crap he's not a freakin toddler, even if he was going to walk or drive around the block Perry can't stay in the house by himself??? So he went looking was gone 20 min. Not long enough if the dog I actually like a little bit ain't back with him. So I cruised the neighborhood. Nothing! So Perry and I went around the block, me on my scooter him on his big wheel. Nothing.....argh....Perry's decided not to talk to daddy because he lost Maizy. I'm with him. It's an all out protest!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Excersize Awaits.....

So I have 2 legs why not take a walk? That's boring and requires me to stand up off my large ass. When your ass is as big as mine it's just more comfortable to sit on it. And we don't even want to discuss me on roller skates, good Lord what was I thinking? Wasn't pretty that's all I'm saying. I'm sure it gave people plenty to talk about on their way home. Whatever! That's why I got this sweet Razor Scooter Pro hook up. If I got a handle attached to those wheels well you better believe there is fun to be had. We are now a 2 scooter family, and if we can get Perry to actually scoot on his and not walk it like it's a dog I imagine we'll need another one. Wish I had something profound or witty to say, but I don't. Need to go get something started on some ATC's.....countdown to stampaway! 4 more days......I can smell the rubber already! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hot Husband??

Yes that's what it appears to be. I know I know, all you women are gasping....."ah dag that man is fine!!" But you need to take a closer look. Yes that's right he's flipping me off. Why do grown men act like this? At a 6 year old birthday party no less.....UGH!

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Week in Review

Trip to the family physician, always a waste of time if you aren't sick. Thankfully the new doctor doesn't deem (is that a word) it necessary to see her once a month in order to prescribe a controlled substance. Love that! I know if he needs it or not, trust me...he (I) needs it! So won't be seeing her until it's turkey time.....SWEET!

Had my review, something about increasing my productivity by 50%. I got a raise, I don't hate my job, that's all that matters. I learned from reading Dooce if you like being employeed do not discuss your job on your blog. So I won't....shall we celebrate me getting a raise though, nothing monumental, but maybe I can use it on the man to up my allowance for stampaway, very little rubber can be bought for $20. Any ideas on raising that a bit, or increasing it, in just one week would be most appreciated. As long as it doesn't involve me getting naked!

Visit to a new counselor. Specializes in Language Based Learning disabilities. I like him, I think he might be able to dig into Perry's little mind that can seem closed up tight at times. I also think he's going to be instrumental in helping me pull together a decent IEP, one that makes sense, and getting the teachers to communcate in a way that makes sense. He recongnizes we've been on quite the journey already. It really feels like a good fit.

Trip to boomerang bay after appointment, 2 hours of clorinated water....just hanging out with my boy, getting wet. Does a girls heart good to hear the words...."Mommy this is the best time ever." He doesn't have to be flying down some nutty slide getting a wedgey, or circling a giant drain to be content just hanging out in a shallow pool with strangers, and he's perfectly content. I just love his sweet face!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

God is Good

How is it that one child can consume so much of my time? Other people have more than one kid and their time is consumed, what if I had other kids? I'd clearly be CRAZY! I am reading "It's so much Work to be Your Friend" by Rick Lavoie, I hope this guy is not a quack, and knows what he's talking about, much of what he says about kids with language based learning disabilities is dead on. I just read so dang slow it's taking me forever to get to the solutions. Spoke to a mentor in another district, she was extremely informative and helpful. I just need to either pray, I can either be assertive, or pray that an advocate or mentor will pop up who will have my back in the IEP meetings. I can't help but feel intimidated no matter how much I think I know.

I just don't know what it is that I want? He needs to be challenged more. The teachers need to teach using alternative methods, and not just be a talking head in the front of the class. These kids can't learn that way. I have an appointment with the counselor that works at Springer, he has a private practice so I scored an appointment with him. He's an expert on kids with Language based learning disabilities, hopefully he can be of assistance to me so the big ugly school district doesn't eat me alive and my kid doesn't get lost in the system of proficency tests, and getting money for being successful on those and the kids just become a test score.

So speaking to a mentor. New counselor, I feel like I'm on track....I deserve a much needed break.....good thing STAMPAWAY is next weekend.....yippeee....mucho uncut rubber awaits to be sniffed.