Sunday, August 13, 2006

Busy Busy weekend!

A girl can never have too many stamps. Just ask my friend Connie....LOL....Just kidding, but her collection is actually much larger than mine. She is far more successful in her stamping endevors than I. Sometime folks even pay her to create things. Nutty, I know, I am not that successful, but I sure do like to buy me some rubber! Another fun and tiring year at Stampaway...I think it's as exhausting for us shoppers as it is for the folks working. You spend hours looking the place over sure not to miss anything cool. Then you make a mental note of where you need to go back to. I was quite proud of myself this year I spent far less than I have in years past, and I was way more choosey. I still got some stamps I love and found hard to resist. Heres my lute.....much of the rubber is in a grab bag, so it doesn't look like a lot. But theres $50 worth of rubber in there, paid only 10....ahhhh yes....the grab bag. My trades are seen here as well. Finally folks have caught on to the ATC's, makes life so much more fun. There was some snooty older women who didn't want to give up the pin trading, and refuse to trade for an ATC....claimed they were only trading for pins. Crazy young folks creating a new thing and not making pins. I'd venture to say they got very few pins. Times have changed. And heres the coolest buy of the weekend. This stamp although mounted on wood, makes me very very happy! Wonder if Audrey ever imagined her face as a rubber stamp would be a very hot thing?

Than last night I hung out with Connie, Julie, Jen and Abby, Julie and I mounted our rubber, Jen and Connie scrapped. Abby watched Jane Austin movies, and discussed them with Connie in great detail. I'd venture to say they are Jane Austin nerds....or shall I say enthusiasts....much like Star Trek has their Trekkies......ha ha ha....I'm not there yet, although I do love me some Pride and Predjudice. Except I do not share the love they have for Mr. Darcy, I do stand firm on my opinion too, no matter how dreamy he looks in his blue coat, in the rain professing his love. Fun weekend....hung with the fam today.


Heather said...

Wish I could stamp! IT always looks fun!!

Melinda said...

Looks like a good time!

Two things:
1) I'm worried about the dog--any news?

2) THANK YOU again for Mag's blanket...she's velcroed to it!