Friday, August 04, 2006

Week in Review

Trip to the family physician, always a waste of time if you aren't sick. Thankfully the new doctor doesn't deem (is that a word) it necessary to see her once a month in order to prescribe a controlled substance. Love that! I know if he needs it or not, trust me...he (I) needs it! So won't be seeing her until it's turkey time.....SWEET!

Had my review, something about increasing my productivity by 50%. I got a raise, I don't hate my job, that's all that matters. I learned from reading Dooce if you like being employeed do not discuss your job on your blog. So I won't....shall we celebrate me getting a raise though, nothing monumental, but maybe I can use it on the man to up my allowance for stampaway, very little rubber can be bought for $20. Any ideas on raising that a bit, or increasing it, in just one week would be most appreciated. As long as it doesn't involve me getting naked!

Visit to a new counselor. Specializes in Language Based Learning disabilities. I like him, I think he might be able to dig into Perry's little mind that can seem closed up tight at times. I also think he's going to be instrumental in helping me pull together a decent IEP, one that makes sense, and getting the teachers to communcate in a way that makes sense. He recongnizes we've been on quite the journey already. It really feels like a good fit.

Trip to boomerang bay after appointment, 2 hours of clorinated water....just hanging out with my boy, getting wet. Does a girls heart good to hear the words...."Mommy this is the best time ever." He doesn't have to be flying down some nutty slide getting a wedgey, or circling a giant drain to be content just hanging out in a shallow pool with strangers, and he's perfectly content. I just love his sweet face!

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Heather said...

Jodi - Your counselor can write goals/requirements for the IEP for you to take with you to the meeting (he can acutally go to the meeting too if he agrees to it!) and it's good as gold!!!