Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good-bye Summer

Yeah ok whatever summers almost over. I refuse to say good-bye to flavorice though, I seriously could eat like 10 a night. Can't we just squeeze one more week out of summer? Anyone else with me? Man Perry school is flippin hot! When we lived in North College Hill, that kind of nonsense was expected in the schools, since it's somewhat a poorer community, we thought the grass was greener in Fairfield, which I suppose it is, if your kid goes to the elementary school in the township. Yep Perry's in a rather old school. Heck my Uncle Dave went to West and he's in his late 50's!! That's one old school. Ok so meet the teacher night was well....HOT.....and I'm hopeful that the teachers seem to have the skills to mold his little mind, they gotta get in there first. Theres a whole lot of info in there, it's getting it out that's the hard part. Good luck to them! And holy cow she's got 25 kids, that's a lot considering he almost went to a school with 12 kids per class. She has a student teacher and P's special ed teacher is going to be in there too. So all sorts of help so that's good.

Ok I mentioned nothing about camping this past weekend. Loads of fun....dang hot....we were conditioning Ben and Perry for school since it's hot there too. LOL.....We camped near Ft. Ancient on the Little Miami....or is it the Great Miami? Well it was a river, and they swam in it. There was a whole lot of flesh eating bugs I have the bug bites to prove it. We had yummy food made in camper pie tins, and played cards till the wee hours. Hearts seems to be the game of choice. It was a ton of fun, one more camping trip for the season planned, and then we're done. 4 times this year not too shabby!

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Kathryn said...

Hey....the grass isn't much greener out here in the township, either. There are 2 elementary schools out here, only one of which is A/C. Of course, Kelsey is at the NON-A/C school, and it's flippin' hot there, too. :( Hope Perry has a good first day! :)