Thursday, August 17, 2006


Sure if I went to bed at a reasonable hour I wouldn't be so tired. But what's so fun about that anyways? I'm kind of ready for summer to be over, as horrible as that may sound, but this running to my moms everyday or Perry spending the night there 2-3 days a week is getting very old. It'll take a while to undo the damage Geegaw has done. Ha!!! Actually it's not too bad, he seems to be able to differentiate what is ok at home and what is ok at Geegaws.

Scene from this evening:

Perry's new chore, taking in the empty garbage can (thanks Julie). So if I don't make a big deal about his chores, he does them as if they are just part of life and no yelling at all. Love that. I was helping him with the garbage can (which is ginormous by the way), and he says..."you know what mommy, I love Garbage Trucks." "Oh yeah what do you love about them?", "they take our garbage." I have to wonder if he's like me, and can watch the simple art of mechanical things and be in awe, of something simple like a garbage truck. Sure you could drive on by and be like gross that's a yucky job, or you could be like dang who ever came up with that invention is brilliant. Call me crazy but I do that sometimes, enjoy the simple mechanical nature of everyday things, as if they are art. For instance I love a good crane. Or the rawness of a half built building. Or those cool rolling vehicles, that press out asphalt....dang those are cool. Or the super cool suckage of a carpet cleaner. Holy cow.......the ingeniousness that is the birthday present ever. Now that you people thing I am off the hook crazy....I've got to pack for camping.

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Julie S. said...

Speaking of things you love and half-built buildings .... I love the smell of fresh cut lumber ...yes, 2x4's. Reminds me of all the stuff you can create!!! (Oh, and I love to remodel houses-crazy, I know)