Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Knew?

Had I not ventured away from my own blog, and checked out other peoples blogs I would have never discovered Jack Johnson. Not to mention countless other cool finds. As well as others checking out stuff I like. Thats the cool thing about the internet folks get to share cool finds. Then you think hey they are fairly cool maybe I'll like that. This video is soooo cool. He's like the James Taylor of the millenium.

I'm Famous!

Aside from the obvious reasons. I have hit the big time. I made a Hall of Famers blog! How cool is that? Do you ever think back to what life would be like without the internet? I probably have twice as many friends as I did 10 years ago. Plus I now know people from all over the world. How cool is that? I will admit, although not name drop, at least 3 Hall of Famers actually know my name. But Teri's the only one who knows me well, and she's never even met me in person. If you are wanting my autograph, there will be a book signing at Archivers in Cincinnati on Saturday, you'll need the November 2003 issue of Memory Makers magazine. I'd suggest getting there early as there could be a long line, have your magazine and sharpie ready!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Music of My Heart!

I was thinking about Nicole today. As in Nicole C. Mullen. I can't believe it's been 4 years ago or maybe it's 3 years ago since the Billy Graham Crusade was in town. I have to say that is the coolest thing I've ever done. Be a counselor at the Billy Graham Crusade. That's one of things a lot of people want to do before they die, whether they are a Christian or not is see Billy Graham in person. And boy did I. I wasn't just a counselor, I was commited to being at all 4 shows. Driving down there everyday, in the hottest part of the summer. I'd do it again all over again. I didn't get to counsel a whole lot of people only 3 since there was a ton of counselors. But just to be a part of it was amazing. And the night Nicole was there was nothing short of amazing...she sang beautiful with the choir made up of hundreds of volunteers. So amazing. If you ever have a chance to see Nicole or Billy DO IT! This video is way cool because it was shot in Cincinnati, mine and Nicoles hometown!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Life is Chaotic!

I've been nothing but a big lazy bumb lately. Wonder if it's the heat? I did gain 3 lbs, that could be it too. Just don't feel like doing anything but play on the computer lately. I did start a mail art project last night. So that's a good sign I may feel productive here soon. I vowed never to discuss the weather on my blog....sorry folks that just seems so freakin boring. But.........HOLY CRAP IT'S FREAKIN HOT!
Ok there you have it people probably my most boring blog entry to date!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Reds Game

Ok I could be a faithful Reds fan like my grandma was. But I'm not, I have a hard time cheering for a losing team. I hate going to a game and they lose. Not to mention the runs they did get was due to errors, and it looked fixed. Hopefully next game will be closer and it won't be 90+, degrees and my kid won't be obnoxious. Oh yeah and hey snooty family in front of us. I hope you have grand children someday who are obnoxious and unruly. You could have at least acknowledged my apology for my kid kicking you in the back (which wasn't even that hard) instead of just rudely getting up and moving. Don't worry I prayed for you.


But for some odd reason I found myself here writing. Why? Hello it's 1:41 am, why not just go to bed? Theres something about me, I just hate to let the day go. I hate to go to bed, even when I'm exhausted. I love sleep, but actually letting go of another day is hard.

Look whose back! Mazy the amazing wonder dog. Aparently a lady from Hamilton found her wandering in the parking lot, and picked her up 3 weeks ago. Finally called in the number on her registration tag, and got our number. In 3 weeks they got attached to her. Ron was right, "it'll be fine she always comes back. Dang dog! Putting us through that emotional hell again. Last time she left it was for 4 months. Nice of her to just leave for a short time. Long story but her previous departure she was stolen, we suspect.....lots of evidence. The theifs began to feel guilty and then returned her. Crazy I know....but that's what happened....insane. WELCOME HOME, MAZY THE AMAZING WONDER time they get to keep ya!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Music Madness

I am having fun with this video thing. This is now Five for Fighting. A band I just discovered although they've been around for a while. This song I had heard before, but when I became more obsessed with them I gave it a good listen. I guess the message I get from it is "it's not easy to be me." He's got that right. I could get really deep and phylisophical right about here, I have all these words in my head that I'd like to put down, but I think once they came out and through my fingers, it would sound like a bunch of nonsense. So instead I will go shopping. See I told you.....not easy to be me. How about you blog lurkers, leave me something meaningful in the comments, and tell me what I should have said right about there. Ha...this could be good either you will ignore me and decide I'm crazy, or I'll get lots of messages. Love you crazy lurkers....I think blog lurkers should be called blurkers......I think it should be a thing.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Man what ever happened to Pink. I mean she did an album a few years ago, with a song on the Charlies Angels 2, but then nothing and her newer album sucked I heard. This album is awesome, I love almost every song on it. Yo Pink what happened. She worked with Linda Perry on this album whose from 4 non-blondes which also disappeared but had a great sound. Anyways enjoy the video PINK ROCKS!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

This picture could not be funnier....can't ever get a good picture of both of them at the same time. And if they both can make wacked out faces then they are happy. Too funny! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Little Something

Ok so I was surfing around reading blogs I read regularly. And this person had a cool idea in regards to old music and finding old CD's. I'd tell you her name, except um I don't know it. I know I got linked to her blog from two peas, but I'm too lazy to go there find out who she is and then type it on my blog. I know I know wierd I'm discussing someone whose name I don't even know. It happens people it's the internet. I made a comment on her blog so maybe she'll swing by here and introduce herself. Unless she's a famous scrapper, in which case don't count on it. Rarely do famous scrappers make comments on my blog. Ok I digress....what was I doing? Oh old music. Ok, the fancy video code website and could find anything for the old jams I was thinking of so the video is from my college years. Probably sophmore year was when I became a punk rock girl, or more alternative than punk rock. So thus the Depeche Mode video, it's a cool one too.

Depeche Mode: Hooked up with Amy's roommate from college, Mindy came to cincy to go to the music for the mass's concert. One of the best concerts of all time. Nitzer Eb opened for them, I was a fan of both and really enjoyed the song from Nitzer Eb, Join in the Chant.....really crazy industrial dance song.

Def Leopard: Oh hello Joe Elliot, you sure are hot, but I am sure not so much anymore cause you are probably old and fat. LOL #1 memory rocking out with the youth group kids to Rock of Ages on our way to go camping, on the camping trip from hell. Oh we kids had a great time being slacker teenagers and got majorly lectured at the end of the trip by some very stressed out youth leaders. A couple quit after that camping trip. I was 16 I believe.

Midnight Star: More youth group memories. Playing Freak a Zoid over and over again during our possum trip to smokey Mountians/Florida/Disney

Ok folks gimme some of your old music memories.


So I gave up gossiping. Now I got a continuous run of Switchfoot video's that is now causing all my blog readers to lust after hot rockers. How much you want to bet tomorrow's message at church will be about lust. Ok so until the lusting ban is in place, allow yourself to gaze upon the ever so hot rocker Jon Foreman. Theres just something about the way he sings in the microphone the way he does. I tell you what if I wasn't a responsible, married women with a child, I'd drop everything and be an all out Jon Foreman Switchfoot groupie. But alas, I am a responsible adult with a job, husband and kid, not to mention with MORALS! Dudes probably married too, so go take a shower people.

Friday, July 15, 2005


I don't know how many times I've told you people to hook yourselves up with some Switchfoot. Now come on people, look at these boys? I can get insanely passionate about some good music. Thus the reason why I can justify owning an Ipod. Music is my life, it speaks to me, it controls my every emotion. So when I find something that really speaks to me and shouts in a good way what I've been trying to say for years, good Lord you need to listen they got something to say. Ok I'll admit, that one limp Bizkit song has spoken a time or two to my mood, but I quickly go back to reality and who I really am a Jesus girl, can't change it, that's just who I am. I may come on strong at times to some folks, but I'm just keepin it real, I got nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

On the repeat: Matthew West~Next thing you know I downloaded the whole album and a couple old songs like Happy. He's cool, another new discovery.

How's the gossip ban? HOLY CRAP! Who knew, I am a complete addict. So many folks commented in person and on my blog. I nailed it, or should I say Andy did, it was God but you know what I'm saying. hard is it not to gossip. Amazingly hard. Ecspecially when there are some folks who would rather gossip than not, even though you have told them hey SHUT THE HELL UP! And then theres the dilema, is my life that freakin boring that the only thing I have interesting to talk about is other peoples misfortunes, how completely sad is that? Now I need to make a freakin list of appropriate topics of discussion that will not lead to gossiping. Can I get some help here? We can talk about hummmm......Coffee, Ipods, cool TV shows, blogs, scrapbooking (careful can lead to gossip with the quickness), stamping, rubber mounted or unmounted. Food, (might be a bad idea), music. Things to stay away from when trying not to gossip. Tabloids, topics about your family, (very dangerous territory if they are dysfunctional), folks who anoy you that you don't know well enough to be talking about, hear say, dude who just cut you off in his mini van....don't, good heavens you don't know him, he's gotta get somewhere right now leave him alone. Ok people good luck with this, I am struggling, and my coworkers can not wait for the ban to be lifted little do they know it's NOT temporary, it's a lifestyle change deal with it.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Grace is enough

Wow....did I get shalanged or what? CHURCH....ok if you are a regular blog reader, you know I love my church. Even when I'm not involved and feel a bit disconnected, I still love my church. I'm just taking the summer for some church downtime, and kicking it with Perry it all balances out once fall comes, theres school and me involved in church stuff.

Anyways....shalanged remember? So I did a little unnessasary gossiping last week at work. Thought it was bad when I did it, and Andy was sure to tell me so this week at church. What's up with that. Dag I know I was wrong but does God gotta be so freakin loud about it? Obviously the message was on gossip this week. I knew this last week but apparently forgot so that I could be a prime example of what not to do.

Ok that was for me, now for the rest of you. SHUT THE HELL UP. It does no one any good to talk about folks. Serously is what you're saying important and pleasing to God, if not.....what I said previously. So funny, my best friend who still attends the church I grew up in, skipped church this morning but apparently read the Vineyards message a couple days ago on the website. And I was on the phone with her just after church saying something unnessary....Satan is quite amazing do not underestimate the power of the evil one......I stopped, and scream....what? Was I deaf? And she said ah dag, the vineyards message was on gossiping and I actually read about it a few days ago. HELLO.....So I said we are so done, no more! So even today we swam all day, and on more than one occasion I had some unnessesary talk in my head that I so wanted to unload.....and TADA...did back up off me Satan, um Jesus is in control and you aren't as powerful as you think you are! See message here. The first song Robbie sings is "Your Grace is Enough." So true!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I do have skills after all. I did that technique where you remove the color, and add it back in one spot. It was pretty easy. And looks super cool.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Ok we've been letterboxing for a few years. We didn't really hunt any last year. This year we tried out hand at a few geocaches and found nothing in the past week or so. Well last night we had a letterbox to search for, and even though we went the wrong way, WE FOUND IT. That's right we found it. So now we are all gung ho, and are bound and determined to find more. We will be letterboxing fanatics for the rest of the summer and have a filled up log book to prove it bet.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

All Grown up!

Marcie's in town! Load up the kids head out to the farm for a visit. I love this time of year. Makes me oh so thankful for my uneventful teenage years. I was part of Marcie's very first Student Venture bible study 20 YEARS AGO! Marcie is always happy to see me as I am always happy to see her. She's always made me feel so important. I mean I know I am important to someone. But Marcie seemed to always believe and that I was special and she always made me feel like I was special, unique and wonderfully made. She and Salt work with Heres Life ministry in CO, I hope all those teenagers and leaders they work with know how lucky they are! Once we got Marcie trained she headed out to Anderson and Nicole was in one of her first bible studies there. She got to know Layni because I'd drag Layni to all the Student Venture gigs. One of the many memories I have from those years is my senior year on my birthday Layni, Abby and I went and TP'd my friends house for fun. Well in those days if you house got TP'd that meant you were cool. So this friend thought she was cool until she found out it was "just us", then she was rather mad. And she was my best friend in High School. She didn't speak to me for like a year. And I'll never forget how upset I was. Marcie met me at McDonalds one day after school, and she told me, "Jodi, you don't need to worry about anyone else but yourself." For some reason those words right there was a life changing moment. No one had ever said that to me. I suddenly felt empowered. There was a little something that clicked inside me that day.

Monday, July 04, 2005


OMG....these stamps are amazing. I have the Live, Laugh one, that I got mounted because I didn't know the unmounted existed.....these are the absolute coolest stamps ever!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Cardiac Hill

Ok I've returned safe and sound from 4 days of Cub Scout Summer camp. This here is Cardiac Hill as it is so lovingly called this is the bottom of the first set of 3 very steep steps up the side of a hill to get to the pool. At the top of this hill before you get to the pool is a SEWAGE PLANT that smells of a nice fresh healthy in toilet! Then just beyond that is a very nice pool that you may not get into unless you have a buddy. Thankfully Perry was kind enough to be my buddy for the week. If you click on the photo it will take you to more pictures from summer camp. We had a blast!