Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need for Speed

So we purchased an external hard drive almost a month ago. Ron's fear of most things electronic leaves the task of moving stuff to it to me....."hello free-time".....So I've been dragging my feet since I know that moving 9 days worth of music and podcasts to the external hard-drive would in fact take hours out of my life. WHICH IT ensure proper moving of all files and to not lose any of our precious music, a check and re-check had to be done. I am happy to report everyting itunes related is now on the external hard-drive, and I feel the need to lock it in a safe or something. I'll definately feel that way when I move the pictures there....yikes.

Glad to see everyone enjoyed the mail-art fun! I must repeat the banana was not was plastic people. Oh and don't worry if you responded to the previous mail art e-mail there will be something 3 dimensional landing in you mailbox soon, remember the free time....not a whole lot of that going around, besides Guitar Hero must get played!

Spent some time with my friend Connie the other night, we made some ATC's for Stampaway. She was in much need of some adult interaction, a 2 year old and a newborn, oh and the 6 year old, all girls....and the husband was out of town for a week....yikes she was quite desperate for some grown-up time. I'm happy to report she's in better spirits, and looking forward to Stampaway!!! As I am, love the smell of fresh cut rubber.....mmmmmm.....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Produce Mail???

That's right people, that's exactly what happened I put a Banana directily in the mail after I decorated it with STOLEN banana stickers. I had some help in this quest. Ok so they weren't necessarily stolen. It doesn't say anywhere that you actually have to purchase banana's to get the stickers.....besides who needs 4 stickers on one bunch of banana's anyways??? No one, so whoever purchased banana's on the Friday or the Monday a few weeks ago, may have been shorted a few stickers. Do common folk even appreciate the funny stickers anyways? Mail artists like myself however....see them as a challenge and subsequently ART! Oh and the BFF Layni and Fam, she got about 12 stickers during her weekly visit to her grocery establishment, and I went to the same place a few days later and got about 12 more. Don't give away the place since I am in the process of investigating them for a Cub Scout fundraiser, they may find me untrustworthy if they knew I was part of the banana sticker bandits. Oh by the way it ain't's one of my favorite things.....plastic food!!! Ok time to panic, Cub Scout planning meeting was this evening which means time to buy school supplies for Cincykids and my own kid and that also means SUMMERS ALMOST OVER and my tan has faded.......OH my heavens which means it's almost Christmas!!!!! I'm so over being a grown up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


P and I saw this last week. I actually didn't fall asleep, which is a first for me since I always fall asleep during a movie at home and in the theater. It's really cute and has a great message for kids and grown ups.

WALL-E reminds me a lot of Perry. Who would be content in this world to build towers out of garbage and collect random objects. WALL-E is also afraid of unpredictable loud noises.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Why God?

This falls under the catagory of, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to question God, and hopefully he doesn't mind if I'm just mad at him right now. Katie Reider (see link on right) passed away this morning. See full story here. (warning read while listening to her beautiful voice and you are guarenteed to fall the heck apart.) Just as it just didn't seem fair that Rachel was taken so soon, it just doesn't seem fair that Katie was taken too soon. She had done way more living than Rachel and had 2 babies. Not to mention truly blessed by God with a beautiful voice, and extremely talented. Story from the local paper.

The very first time I heard Katie sing was at church. The Vineyard was recording it's very first worship CD, and she wrote and sang a song on it. It was also my recording debut (I was in the can hear me I swear...) for some reason I think they called it the "grape jam" not sure why probably because VCC is wierd. I remember I e-mailed Dave, he was then associate pastor or worship leader then, and asked him who she was cause her voice was amazing and that song was the coolest I'd ever heard. He said she was a young girl who came a very talented family, and don't be surprised if she did great things some day. I think that may have been 1994 or 1995? A few years later she and her dad performed as part of a play at church, he acting as a crazy lounge singer (again my church is crazy) and she singing the most amazing version of silent night I had ever heard.

She made a name for herself locally in the 10 years that followed. She has a huge fan base in Cincinnati and Columbus, along with little pockets of people all over the US, and 4 albums can be found on Itunes. She had an amazing voice I own a lot of her songs, and was amazing to see live I saw her only twice in concert once with her brother Robbie. When she became sick I started following her story and linking others. I was certain she'd pull through, I'm sure she gave it all she had. It just stinks for the Reider family......Katie's mom Gaile just passed away almost a year ago. I will be praying for her family, as most of them have had an impact on my whole life. Her dad Rob I watched on the Bob Braun show with my dad when I was a kid. Katie and her beautiful music. Gaile speaking at womens events at church helped me grow spiritually. Robbie the best worship leader in the whole world......worship music helped me grow more than anything else. Amazing family....they don't deserve so much tragedy. Sorry God maybe I'll find a way not to be mad tomorrow but right now....still mad!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've lost my Mind.....literally

Ok so my weekends activities included going to dinner and my former boss's house in Indiana with a couple of my co-workers. It was lovely and we had a good time talking about how wack many of my co-workers are. Sorry folks if you actually read my blog, which I don't think you do, but the majority of you are straight crazy. So while at said grill-out/dinner to-do, I was telling a story about some of my previous employment. And couldn't remember when this employment was, as in COULD NOT REMEMBER YEAR, TIMEFRAME, was a little scary. So yesterday we went to another grill-out, this one was with the fam, at a previous co-workers house (Kings Island Peeps for those who know my life) and again we were doing a little bit of "remember when" and there was a lot of people whose names I couldn't remember......Decided on the way home....sweet Jesus, I must be dying. Seriously people, I have a mind like a steel trap, I remember faces, names, people I may have briefly ran into in 10th grade and spoke two words to. I'll see someone like that at the grocery store and I'll be like that's so and so and they used to do such and such.....for real.

So it's now time for what I'd like to call Operation Brain Stretch! AKA Sexton's Read! Perry's reading a chapter book about WALL-E, so far he's completed 3 pages...not bad for one day. Ron's reading some book about Zombie Wars....stimulating I'm sure. And I'm reading a book about......ready........HOW KORN FOUND JESUS.....that's right you heard me. It was either that or a book by Fannie Flagg, which I've read a few of her books back in the day. Ron wanted me to get a book he would read. He said he might read this one, so there ya go.

So as part of the Korn tribute I offer you a list of some of my favorite Korn tunes, for you listening enjoyment. Be patient with Shoots and Ladders cause it's got some wicked bagpipes at the beginning that are awesome....but then he kicks up midway far my favorite!

SeeqPod - Playable Search
My brother will be so proud!
Oh and we must never forget.....

If you listen to none of the Korn tunes you must listen to that one, with Amy Lee freakin amazing!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Summer Fun....

I never did say anything about Perry and Daddy's adventures at Summer Camp. Let me post one picture to entice you to return tomorrow cause I gotta take off to work!

Precious child. Sorry I wasn't there. Well maybe just sorry I wasn't there during the day for the fun, except for the part about climbing cardiac hill to go swimming, or the part about the food that is less than desirable. More about camp later!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grouchy People.....GEEZ!

Ok so heres the thing, the more challenging my job becomes the more I love it, don't know why but it's true. Management can be completely jacked up on many different levels, I can end up on register for 3 hours, but I still love the challenge of my work. Maybe it's because there was so much about Life insurance that was way way way too challenging and I didn't understand half the crap I did, now I have control over a lot of stuff, and understand completely 100% of what I do, strange how that can make a difference. And for the most part I can make the most unhappy customer happy and satified, doesn't take much. A few people are like oh this place is so jacked they'll be closed in a year......bahaha....NOT..I see the inner circle of this crazy nonsense you call IKEA. IKEA has brand recognition, people will travel for hours to shop at IKEA, and buy a muffin tin with the IKEA logo on it. You can piss off 100 people, but you have 200 more that don't care what it is if it says IKEA they will buy it and spend a lot of money to do so. So heres what I say to my grouchy co-workers.......SHUT UP.....already, I'm having fun!

I'm saying that now, but the changes that are coming in the next month, I may change my mind. Lets just say theres a good possibility some crazy personalities are about to colide and it may not be very pretty. I intend to hang in there but I suspect there a a good number of folks who will not hang in there. Stay tuned!