Saturday, July 05, 2008

Grouchy People.....GEEZ!

Ok so heres the thing, the more challenging my job becomes the more I love it, don't know why but it's true. Management can be completely jacked up on many different levels, I can end up on register for 3 hours, but I still love the challenge of my work. Maybe it's because there was so much about Life insurance that was way way way too challenging and I didn't understand half the crap I did, now I have control over a lot of stuff, and understand completely 100% of what I do, strange how that can make a difference. And for the most part I can make the most unhappy customer happy and satified, doesn't take much. A few people are like oh this place is so jacked they'll be closed in a year......bahaha....NOT..I see the inner circle of this crazy nonsense you call IKEA. IKEA has brand recognition, people will travel for hours to shop at IKEA, and buy a muffin tin with the IKEA logo on it. You can piss off 100 people, but you have 200 more that don't care what it is if it says IKEA they will buy it and spend a lot of money to do so. So heres what I say to my grouchy co-workers.......SHUT UP.....already, I'm having fun!

I'm saying that now, but the changes that are coming in the next month, I may change my mind. Lets just say theres a good possibility some crazy personalities are about to colide and it may not be very pretty. I intend to hang in there but I suspect there a a good number of folks who will not hang in there. Stay tuned!

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Heather said...

I'd hang in there for a discount. You get a discount, right?