Monday, June 30, 2008

Lets be real folks, in the infinite words of my homegirl Kristi, my life is straight busted. Or more importantly the admin. area of your beloved IKEA is busted! It's feeling the ripple effect of Leesa's departure, see blog below because apparently you people either forgot to pray or God needs her elsewhere. I'm so over that....just get shit figured out and leave me alone so I can make happy formerly pissed off customers! So on with bigger and happier things. Looking forward to the Beth Moore simulcast....go here and click on Beth Moore if you are interested. (then e-mail me and tell me you are going cause as of now I'm going by myself, no pressure) It's worth every penny, I've been before, as well have done 3 of her bible studies and in 2 days your life will be changed, she's amazing!
Beth Moore Live- Check that out for more details.

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Michelle said...

where you going to watch it?