Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moo Mail!

About a month ago, Stacie gave a shout out to some peeps in regards to a mail art challenge. She collected address's for anyone who cared to partake in this activity. Stacie and I took a Mail Art class a few years ago where we sent and recieved all sorts of fun art via the mail. It was fun to recieve 3 dimensional art pieces from all over the world, some from England and Austrailia. So I took the challenge and prepared a flipflop, and threw it in the post.

Posted by PicasaWell she may have had to rack her brain to top that one, but oh my friends she did! I present to you what arrived in my mailbox Saturday Morning. That's right I think a plastic cow with decoupage fabric on it, lipstick, eyelashes and a NOSE RING, completely tops a flip flop! Now it's on.....I have something in mind but feel free to e-mail me any ideas you might have.

Kudo's to Stacie who was a big chicken last time to mail a wooden letter and put it in an envelope. Moomail came with no covering....just as's all about pushing the postal system to it's limits one plastic object at a time!


Michelle said...

you have me brain storming and that's not good at 11 p.m.

Stacie said...

Meh. I was chicken. I mean, if NASA tells you it has to be in an envelope? I was naive enough to believe them... ;)