Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did you say Dancing Cows?

That's right's time for SOS. Oh and this year 820 smelly teenagers, add in 1500 volunteers, and you got yourself some straight up nasty bathrooms. God bless the VCC custodial staff, cause teenagers are gross! Gross however they live in this F'd up world so God definately needs to pour out some blessings on them. But before he did that Family Force 5 show'd up and got things started in a super loud and off the hook way......had never heard them, had heard of them cause I know a few teenagers so their name got thrown around in a few conversations. They rolled up on stage and I was like HOLD UP, these boys got some talent. Loud talent.....whole lot of screaming....but talented, and I loved it, made me shake my booty! Oh and they had some dancing cows! Which was amazing and went right along with the cow theme Stacie started for the summer!

That's just a sampling, I stuck it out for an hour of that craziness....yeah I'll need that to be my next full album download!
Tonight the Holy Spirit show'd up in a huge way and I was blessed and blown away at my lack of fear to pray for folks and just allow the HG to speak through me, I prayed for a lot of kids tonight. Send up some words that God will continue to use me, and my peeps to love on some kids till Friday!

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paperglueetc said...

I bet you were awesome, you know praying for teens happens to be a hobby of mine....I'll pray for strength for you girl!