Sunday, February 05, 2006


Ok I'm going to give typepad a try. Go check it out. I don't think I'm going to like it as well as blogger. If I can figure out how to customize my banner here at blogger I'm gonna stick around so far theres not a lot I can do that I couldn't do here, it's just a little more user friendly over there. So we'll see. Check it out.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back in Business

So when I was beside myself with fear this morning that my ipod having days were numbered, my co-worker Angie felt my pain. She too is a member of the ipod obsession club. Probably because she works in the same place and hears the same people talk all day long, you have to have a way to tune folks out. Well she was frightened for me, and my ipod. So when I called Apple and they told me the news I was rather excited and joyful at my good fortune. That within 24 hours my ipod would be either new or back in working order. So I told her that "who ever that guy is, I could just kiss him I'm so dang happy." Obviously I spoke out of excitment, cause I won't hug folks much less go around kissing strangers. So I added...."well I mean, if he's cute." Ha.....well.....unfortunately for the ipod "genius" (it's what they are called), I'd rather call him a geek, but they like to refer to them as genius's.....yeah goodlooking he was not. Saved my life yes he did, but a kiss he was not getting from me. Dude could barely speak, he looked like a white version of Urkel, except he dressed cooler. But he messed with my dead ipod for less than a minute and said I'll be back with your new one....I'm sorry do what? And he brought me a brand new 6GB pink the size of a dang credit card nano, or a too much technology video, good old fashioned mini. Thanks Apple, Ipod Genius......Mr. Steve Urkel.

Truely a Sickness!

People who are close to me know that my ipod is a necessity. My job however mentally stimulating can be boring, and I am a cube dweller so therefor I am surrounded by talkers, who sometimes I just don't wanna hear what they have to say. So my work productivity is better off if I have an ipod. My company should provide it honestly. And now that I am a lover of podcasts well I have to keep up with Sean Hannity, Mommycast, Erwin McMannus, The Crappy Christian (not reccommended for everyone), The Bored Again Christian (highly reccommended), among other nonsense I love to listen to. Well my pretty pink ipod took a spill last night. From the desk to the hardwood floor, face down............UGH..........I quickly snatch it up in hopes that it had not been injured. There was a pulse (sound), it could see me, but I could not see it. Meaning, no words on the screen. I did all the things reccomended on the apple site, reset, restore, NOTHING......thank God theres still sound. So it could still be listened to, I just didn't know what I was listening to. And no shuffle so everythings playing in alphabetical order, I'm in the B's so I am catching up with Bored again Christian, thank God that means at least I have some talk and variety.

As soon as I got to work I contacted the fine people at Apple. My pretty pink ipod has an appointment this evening. If she can't be fixed they will replace cool is that. Except I hope she doesn't have to be replaced, and if she does I hope they have back up pink mini's because I wouldn't be satisfied with anything if they were to give me a 30 GB with video to replace my 6 GB no video, well that wouldn't be so bad, but I'd imagine they'd try to replace it with a dang small. So those of you who understand my obsession, and feel it worthy send up some words, God is not above a little ipod love besides, I'm being theologically educated by the Crappy Christian. (yeah see that is a big joke, if you ever listen to them.....and you know me, you'd know that's a joke.) More like I am being educated by Erwin, not to mention spiritually moved and inspired.