Thursday, February 28, 2008

Road Trip

Totally in DAMN IT'S COLD IN MICHIGAN. So I'm totally chillin in Canton, MI. It's loads of fun, yet somewhat lonely, since we have rooms to ourselves, and I'm split up from my peeps cause they are working the closing shift. It was so much fun working today, as in, it won't be hard at all. Grand Opening is going to be off the hook, crazy busy, but I'm glad to have some instore experience before we get SLAMMED. Ok off to enjoy my room all to my self with a GINORMOUS King size bed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Please Vote....

So in order to take our minds off the events of the past week, or for me the past few days, I'd like to draw your attention to the what I'd like to call, YOUR DOG IS UGLIER THAN MINE contest.
Trust me when I say the enemy will often show up in places you least expect, and it seems to me he's working overtime!!!!

On to the contest:

So the precious poochie on the left is Maizy. The handsome fellow on the right is Max. If either of them were able to procreate we would totally hook them up, just to see what would happen! Now cast your vote in the comment section.

Ok got the awesome oppurtunity to spend some time with Teenagers this evening. For the most part they seemed harmless.....but for the love of all things good and innocent DO NOT LET THEM FOOL YOU.....they're dangerous. Just sayin.....on that note....I've shared it before probably more than once, and will continue to do so when I feel I need to.....Oh and if you could just read James'll help you deal...for real!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Medication the answer?

I think it's this time of year every year that I feel like I'm running in 800 different directions. I talked to one of my best friends Abby the other night and she said the usual "girl what's up with you?" to which I responded, "dude....why in the hell am I so damn busy..." to which she responded, "you ain't never gonna grow up and you are always going to always be busy, it's how you are." Right....except I am a grown up and I don't want to be busy all the damn time. It stress's me out. I do say NO to a lot of things, but apparently yes to a lot of things also. So Saturday I work, theres a basketball game, theres a nephews b-day party at pump it up (which we might be missing sorry Zack), theres a Blue and Gold banquet complete with an awards rank advancement ceremony, dinner and fancy portraits, which I am helping to set up and helped somewhat coordinate and then I will be passing the heck out. And then next week I'll be out of town for 4 days which is when the basketball awards thing is and a talent show, which I will miss both, and Ron will be incharge of the running....Looking back on my life as a child which seems like a million years ago. We did as much running, I took dance class (it's why I'm so graceful) and I was a girl scout....I just don't remember being as busy? Maybe it was because I was the kid and just rolled with it while someone else coordinated. Or maybe I really am just meant to be busy all the dang time cause that's always how it's been.....I could use a vacation....if anyone wants to give me a free trip somewhere say the beach or disney.....I would be most appreciative. And for you IKEA enjoyment......go here....If you win you should probably share.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Built by Jodi and her peeps....

Ok When ya'll are fortunate enough to get your happy ass's into the Ikea...when it eventually opens. Take notice of the fancy (sort of plain right now, but once it has stuff in'll be dang fancy) display podium right inside the front door. and my peeps, we built that. That's right WE BUILT THAT! We are now going around and replacing jacked up pieces, cause we got skills like that. I am going to miss building when I am in training next week. Did I mention I have 12 training class's....I think six of those is mean learning swedish or something. They begin using us as guinea pigs tomorrow. I'll let you know if the swedish meatballs are worth the hype. Oh and I got a splinter today and it hurt....really bad. Who knew smooshed together newspapers (which I believe is what MDF is actually) could produce a splinter. If it acts like wood....well then it must be wood.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

God Show's up in Nigeria

Soon even more people won't have to spend hours upon hours a day traveling by foot to retrieve water that is infested with bacteria that could kill them. It's so cool to be a part of what God is doing halfway around the world.

I cry every single time.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I take Pictures

These are orphan packs the kids from SOS and Cincykids made for the kids in Nigeria.

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