Thursday, February 28, 2008

Road Trip

Totally in DAMN IT'S COLD IN MICHIGAN. So I'm totally chillin in Canton, MI. It's loads of fun, yet somewhat lonely, since we have rooms to ourselves, and I'm split up from my peeps cause they are working the closing shift. It was so much fun working today, as in, it won't be hard at all. Grand Opening is going to be off the hook, crazy busy, but I'm glad to have some instore experience before we get SLAMMED. Ok off to enjoy my room all to my self with a GINORMOUS King size bed.

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Stacie said...

Greetings from seriously cold-and-constantly-snoe-on-the-ground Chicago :) I'm sharing a queen sized bed with Sean tonight (Rusty's got Liam... he won. Sean sleeps like he's doing horizontal kung foo.)

We need a scrapbook night. So I can SCRAPBOOK! I've got Disney photos and have had tons of inspiration from Rusty's aunt and cousin :)