Friday, April 11, 2014

Blog has turned to Shit.....literally.

So yes I realize I've not blogged since November.  Someone mentioned this evening, "I read your blog...." You read my what?  Rarely remembering at the end of my email it says "Hey check out my blog." not ever letting it occur to me, people actually read this thing.  I should really update my cover photo, since my child is now 10 years old than the picture on the header, and Ron and I have gotten way better looking.  Lets be real my man is extra fine since  he's gone all paleo and extra fit. 

So I work at IKEA.  I have for 6 years now.  It's my longest running job to date in my life.  I love it there.  Turns out I work with a lot of young adults.  You mention to them your favorite band is U2 or Coldplay and they look at you like ahhhh....that's cute and you are so not hip.  So mentioning to some 20 somethings regarding U2 and they direct you to the South Park episode featuring Bono.  I am warning you do not google this or watch it, you will lose brain cells.  I made it not even halfway through the episode before not watching anymore.  I would put a picture of Bono on South Park right here but it turns out blogger won't upload the dang picture.