Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Madness!

It's the week we try to get as much holiday stuff done as we can. Starting to feel a little more caught up. If you aren't on the Christmas Card list, the photo collage below is what we're sending this year. You can sure see we are quite involved in scouts as most of our pictures are front scouting events.
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We've had a great week. I was awarded Coworker of the Month, and recieved a bike from IKEA for Christmas all on the same day. Kind of a big deal. Nice to be recognized and my boss said a whole lot of really nice things about me. I'm blessed to have a job I really enjoy and one that challenges me everyday. Still have cookies to make, and cards to assemble. Merry Christmas everyone! Be Blessed!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Confessions of a Meat Hoarder

Heres the angel, picture on the left is his 1st grade first day of school on the right is 7th grade.
So I've owed my fans this story for sometime now. The story is nearly 2 weeks old and feel I have let my blog readers down. Someday my child will read my blog and probably run away immediately for all the stories I've told on him. So I must first say, Perry I love you as much as a mother can love a child, and probably even more than that. You antics bring great joy to my life and many others. So please don't hate me!
So you say you've never heard of meat hoarding? Me either, so I made it up I'm pretty sure. So my child never is willing to go to bed when he's told. It usually starts at 9:30 pm, the bedtime ritual. The question starts, "mommy if I go to bed right now can I watch TV?" If it's truly 9:30, and not closer to 10 I'll usually say yes. The he'll get up cause he's thirsty. Sometimes he'll want popcorn at bedtime, it literally is nonstop nonsense until like 11pm, no joke. So the night in question I was in the basement doing laundry, I had just told him to go to bed, and hear the pitter of patter of no so little feet going from his room, to the kitchen. I lacked the energy to investigate and assumed it was for water consumption. So I came upstairs and I was in my bedroom. At this point it was lights out and closer to 11, and one should be well on his way to dreamland......not so much....I hear a drawer open and close, not ever a good sign either he's setting up clothes for tomorrow (highly unlikely since that's never happened) or he's hiding or doing something he shouldn't. I had, had enough this particular night so I stormed in his room threw on the light and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He was unable to respond as he was in shock, and he was chewing. "Sweet Lord Jesus, WHAT ARE YOU EATING??" To which he responds quietly, as if it's NORMAL, "salami".........of course.......to which I respond, because I know my kid, "wheres the rest..." he calmly points to his desk drawer which is right next to his bed. I yell get it out. He doesn't hesitate, as this is seemingly normal to him. He reaches into his drawer where he keeps pencils drawing, and other desk items, and pulls out a half inch stack of thinly sliced SALAMI....ya heard...SALAMI. The worlds greasiest meat. Did he have it sealed nicely in a baggie, or wrapped gently in a papertowel of sorts??? NO! Just placed nicely IN HIS DESK DRAWER, as if that's where you keep salami. I inspected the meat from where I stood and could tell this just happened and it was clearly still chilled. I yelled please go put it back before I kill you. I'm not sure I'm going to survive the teenage years.

Sunday, October 03, 2010


Say what you want about a mega church. I personally love it, and it's all I've known for 22 years. Well not necessarily all I've known as I went to 2 churches almost every sunday for many years until the early 90's. When I first started going to the Vineyard in 1988, I was in college, and this dynamic guy (Steve Sjogren) came to our BSU (Baptist Student Union) meeting on a Tuesday. We did bible study on Tuesdays during lunch. Tanny our president already was attending his church and invited him to come and share with us his vision.
He came, I went with my cousin. And the rest is 22 years of history. For a few years I attended the methodist church I grew up in and the Vineyard. Eventually I attended just the vineyard. My first our reach was called a Big Fun Bus Run, where there was shelves for groceries built into an old school bus. We bagged up some groceries and delivered them door to door in Lincoln Heights. We offered to pray for folks and they accepted. It's shockingly easy and it worked.

So I called up my cousin Susan and say hey lets go check it out. When I started attending the Vineyard (called Vineyard Christian Fellowship) There was close to 100 folks at Diamond Oaks, it quickly grew to 300 there I believe and just kept growing steadily, we are now at over 6,000. It was overwhelming to see all that God has done with everyone all in one place.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hi, I'm 13, I'm in 7th Grade and I have an Attitude!

So we've hit middle school big time. It's only day 4 but I have some thoughts already that I need to share, and not sure if I want to be that parent or just wait it out to see if anything gets better. Soooo a little background. Perry has been in a resource room since 2nd grade when he was officially diagnosed by Cincinnati Childrens Hospital with a language based learning disability. His 3rd and 4th grade years have been by far his best 2 years of school so far. Both years he had great teachers who worked with his abilities and gave him the room and the help to learn at his own pace. It was 2 years of passionate teachers who were excited about milestones Perry would reach. Then the dreaded intermediate school. His teachers were fine, but it was then I started to be uncomfortable with the whole "resource room" concept. Now the kids are majorly segragated from the rest of their peers. They are not integrated really at all that I can see, his curriculum seemed almost too easy, but if it was to be made any harder he'd become frustrated and not succeed really. So we suffered through. I will say his reading got way better, he seems to like Math a little more, and he made it through the prison type school building really unscathed.
Now we are in a new building. His main class is not after all in the trailer out back. He does have 2 class's out there but he doesn't spend the majority of his day in a trailer out back. So I pick up his schedule, and see he's part of the Heroes team. See others who pick up their schedules and they too are on the heroes team and I think oh cool, maybe now they will be a little more integrated. Then I go to Open House, and they direct us to a room where all the Heroes team is meeting to meet teachers and hear about curriculum. So we go in there not a single teacher is Perry's teachers, and they go over curriculum that I know won't be anything he'll be learning, and if he was required to meet the expectations they are speaking of he'd be doomed. Although the Science Fair sounds like a good time, and some of the other projects they discussed sounded like a fun way to learn. Oh but wait he don't get to do that. We make our way to his homeroom after the lengthy schpeal that did not pertain to us AT ALL (great idea). Meet his 2 teachers, get a breakdown of his curriculum, that doesn't involve any text books or projects see his locker and leave.
So on day 4 of year 3 of school that is no longer the elementary school, I find myself questioning Fairfields resource rooms after elementary school. Or really after 3rd grade since Perry's 4th grade year was not typical, but turned out way better than it would have been. So even though they are special needs does that mean they don't get the excitement of covering a new textbook with a grocery bag, or get to have their parents help them with a science project? Understandably most of the kids in his class would lose the textbook on day 2 or would have to have 2 of them one for home and one for school. But why on earth are they part of team of other students they will never see, with teachers they will never be instructed by. Not only that but the teachers he has are on different teams??? Whaaaa? I'll give it a week or 2 more and then maybe if I still feel they could do better maybe I'll make them? Discuss.....your comments are welcome. And just like the trailer education Perry could care less about any of it, he doesn't know any different.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I had quite the Whirlwind of a weekend. Friday I worked and boy was it busy! When I got off Kristi and I visited The 86 Club open house, and man that is a super cool building where great things are going to happen! We also went to the Thai Cafe beforehand so that made for a fun evening. Then I got up super early on Saturday morning had Oatmeal at First Watch, and then headed over to Stampaway, and shopped for new rubber and all things fun and creative. Hung out with Kathryn most of the day and got to hang with Connie for about an hour. Then I headed to Columbus. Abby and I had dinner at Bon Vie, where sorry mom but I had the best Beef Stroganoff I've ever eaten in my whole life. So much so, hello I'm blogging about it. After a fantastic dinner, Abby and I headed to The Ohio Theater to see Wicked. I have to say it was one of those life changing performances. If you known me for a long time you know that I am a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. So much so for years I decorated my home in Wiz of Oz movie posters. I own a copy of the script, I just love the movie period! Hasn't there been a time where you love a movie so, and you connect with the characters so much, you wish they were your friend and you knew more about their lives. Wicked did that. Suddenly all the questions you've asked for most of your life are finally answered, and the characters are so much more real. Ever since seeing it I keep thinking about it and keep thinking "Wow, how did the writers know I needed that information to feel complete." Seriously I know I'm completely geeking out on this one, I feel complete. Ha...wierd. Not because of just the completeness of the story now but the story it told as well. Basically so many awesome messages....girl power, ugly girl wins, wicked may not just be wicked, good may not be all that good, everyone has their issues, people matter, stuff matters, and Friendship matters ALOT! So this song has been meaningful to me all weekend, and if you have stuck around long enough to read this crazy blog then this song is for you no matter who you are or how you know me.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Creating Keepsake is coming to the Nati!!!!!

HERES THE 411..........
Join us for a weekend of scrapbooking and more where you can enjoy shopping, classes, and chances to win at our newest location—CKC-Cincinnati!
Register online now through Monday, August 30 at 9:00 pm at our website: www.ckscrapbookevents.com/cincinnati.
Plus, receive a FREE gift and FREE magazine subscription when you register online (free items available only through online registration).
Schedule:Thursday, September 9Vendor Faire: not open; classes: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm;
CK Sketches Workshop 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Friday, September 10Vendor Faire: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; classes 8:30 am to 8:30 pm;
Friday Celebration Crop 7 pm to 11:30 pm
Saturday, September 11Vendor Faire: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; classes 8:30 am to 5:30 pm;
Super Saturday Crop 7 pm to 11:30 pm
Vendor Faire daily pass pricing: Adults and children ages 10 and up: $10 at door (see web site the week before the event for discount coupons); seniors ages 65 and up: $7; children ages 9 and under: no charge

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The World Sucks!

mail art project 1, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

First off Perry and I are involved in a mail art project this summer that we are hopelessly behind on. We've mailed our first project. This one is mine if you click on it'll take you to Perry's. At this rate we'll still be working on mail art well after school starts but that's ok.

I thought it was just me until other people were having the same sort of rant. People are just generally self absorbed. I am sure I have my moments, but some folks are just flat out SELFISH......it's as though they are completely unaware that there other people in this world besides themself.

Working in customer service you encounter all sorts of people and it ain't just work it's observing everyday life and my surroundings. PEOPLE ARE FREAKIN SELFISH AS HELL! That was last week tomorrow starts a new week and after coming off of 3 days of Cincykids, where I watched small kids learn to be selfless....and serve others.....I've decided to give the world another chance.

Sunday, July 04, 2010


Wow, seems everytime I blog, I am usually saying, "holy smokes, I haven't blogged in exactly 2 months!" And then I'll say a little something like, "well when you tweet a few times a day, theres not a whole lot to blog about." A true writer would still blog....guess I'm not a true writer, just a wanna be. So since the infamous doctors visit, when I had to pin my child down so some barbarians could inflict pain upon him.....something changed. He turned 13 and turned into a teenager instantly. To say his body has become inhabited by aliens would be an understatement. The ADD medication helps tremendously, I'm not an advocate of medication just so you can deal with your kid, but if he is legitamately ADD, and there is medicine to help him focus, FOR THE LOVE OF NOT KILLING YOUR CHILD get him some! Yesterday was Saturday, we slept in a bit, and the man decided how about we not give him his meds today. I had to work most of the day so I was like....ok that's on you! So I had decided when I got off we'd run on over to our towns fireworks display. I was off in time for us to find a spot at the local CVS, we could sit right there and have the best view in the whole city. Well the boy would not shut up....if he wasn't talking, he was making some sort of noise, and when you asked him to be quiet, he just got louder and would yell at you.....WOW, he's lucky he's alive. And hungry...OMG...hungry every 5 min. As in just now while I was typing this I hear him in the kitchen, oh wait cause apparently I'm dumb and deaf.....he's quickly walking to his room....until I stopped him and said.."what kind of food are you sneaking to your room." He said "nothing", I said how about you go get whatever food you just took to your room...."he returns with a stack of 4 giant chocolate chip cookies..." OMG...he put them back, although I nearly killed him! This is only the beginning people I'm sure it gets worse from here!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dr's Visit Bullshit!

So Perry generally rarely gets sick. He's a healthy boy. He's finishing up his 3rd year in a row with perfect attendance. So the only time we go to the doctor is in the spring to fill out summer camp medical forms. It's been a while since he's had to get a shot, and I can't remember him ever freaking out. When he was a baby, he literally never cried when he got a shot. I was the big chicken and would usually send Ron with him if I knew he had to get a shot. This time I didn't think it through very well. And he's almost a teenager and more aware of what going on, not to mention he's got some sensory issues. His learning disability, makes it take him longer to interpret things in his head. It's just how it is. Often times he doesn't want to put forth the effort to try and figure things out because it often just takes too long. Things that are unpredictable send him over the edge. Fire Alarms have been a big issue in the past, basketball buzzer, he doesn't like to ride a bike, it took him a few years to go fast on his razor scooter, the element of pain and it being unpredictable is an issue for him and we've learned to live around it. This is also why he doesn't like to try new foods also.
So discuss in front of him that he's getting a shot, much less 3, bad bad bad idea...and this is my fault, it's been so long since he's had any shots, I didn't think it through and attempt to make accomodations. Like how about we not discuss it, we get that shit together and perform a sneak attack, we will be much better off people. No instead, a lengthy discussion of which shots he was getting, and turn your head and cough incident, more shot discussion and anxiety builds. By the time it's shot time it's been discussed at least 4 times and the nurse show's and Perry's devised a defense plan. Like running around the room, sitting in the chair in the fetal position refusing to move. I offer to hold his hand, and he's not having it. Bribes of toys and what not, ain't working...we are now fighting a losing battle. So the unpleasant nurse, who has no people skills much less any attempt at any niceties, leaves to get reinforcement, and in walks Nurse Cratchet, who is even more evil. She begins to insult the kid who is having full on freak out, by telling him kindergartners who are 5 years old get shots all the time with no issues. REALLY LADY, is that at all necessary. I was mortified but too busy trying to get my kid to sit still so he could be inflicted with pain I requested. So they decide to leave and give me some time to talk him into it, which I am sure I could have done had they given me at least 5 minutes but they gave me all of 30 seconds, came in with my Dr. (whom I love by the way) they make the decision for all of us to hold him down and get it done. Feeling like the worst mom in the world I help in this, he gets the first shot while flayling about screaming like an insane lunatic, he gets the first shot and he says "ahhhhh......silence.....oh that was just a pinch, that didn't hurt so bad....can you let me go now, please....NOT...you got 2 more." Dr. Koehl and I hold him down while unpleasant nurse number 1 and Nurse Cratchet finish the job." Once we're done, Perry was kind enough to apologize to the nice ladies for acting like a nut......while I fall the heck apart. Dr. Koehl says that's not the first time we've had to hold down a 12 year old. Seriously there has to be a better way! Did I mention I had a scheduled appointment, and I had to wait over 1.5 hours, and the whole thing took me 2 hours???? The shot fiasco was all of 20 min maybe. Fairfield Medical you cost me a trip to Culvers, and a new truck from Target....and you may have cost yourself a patient!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trailer Education

Ok so I met with Perry's teachers, and the special ed teacher at the Middle School. Didn't want to change anything, everything they are doing is working just fine. He's doing fine. I just want to know what transitioning to the new school will look like. I pretty much do this every year whether he's going to a new school or not. Meet with those who help him learn and make sure we're on the same page, and see if we need to change anything for next year. So you'll have to excuse me for not being completely aware of what's going on with the budget cuts, but I know at least 36 teachers are losing their jobs, the High School is going from 4 blocks to 7 bells, and I am sure theres a ton more that I am unaware of. So me being concerned that my special needs child is being isolated in a trailer outback is the very least of their worries. BUT IT'S A LEGITIMATE CONCERN. So the special ed kids.....AKA resource room kids are in a trailer behind the Middle School, the trailers are needed because there isn't enough room for everyone in the school. And a few of the special ed kids require air conditioning, and the school isn't air conditioned....which is a lame excuse, as many rooms have window units, and if that was the case, they can provide AC for whatever room the special ed kids are in!
Here's my concern. Middle School, it was called Junior High when I was a kid, is probably the worst 2 years for any kid, you are becoming a teenager, your hormones are raging, you are trying to figure out what social group you belong in, you are losing friends, and gaining new friends or not. Ad in the added presure of a learning disability, a resource room with little to no integration, and you ride the short bus. In addition to all that you are going to isolate these kids in a trailer behind the actual school building. So average kids have little to no social interaction with the special needs kids and the special needs kids have little to no interaction with average kids. Many of the special needs kids are fairly normal, they may have their quirks, but most of them are as normal as any other kid. If they are left with each other they will never learn what is socially acceptable during normal everyday social interactions. A community trip once a week to the dollar store, or a resturant is not enough to teach a kid how to interact socially with his peers. Sure the nose of the hallways, can be overwhelming for a kid with sensory issues, but they don't change class's as often and they can close their door, and they have aids that help them get to where they are going.
Ideally I would be all for total integration with the right assistance it can work. Fairfield doesn't have the budget to do it properly, so theres no way. Not to mention it's not for every kid, but for some I think they'd benefit greatly. Ok I am off my soapbox, feel free to debate, I doubt you'll change my mind, I am not a fan of my kid being isolated in a trailer out back, air conditioned or not, the social implications are not reversable. And for the record my kid could careless, he thinks it sounds cool to have a trailer classroom all for his class. Ha! I am in an uproar for the other kids who do like to socialize, and aren't fine just to talk to themselves.
*I am aware that much of what I said is politically incorrect, it's my blog and I do what I want.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Yellow Springs Adventure 2010

Yellow Springs Adventure 2010, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

I will add more details of our adventure later, but wanted to post this as I haven't blogged in ages. Enjoy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

SNOW! We are tired of you!

He charges by the hour, and he may get it shoveled before it melts.

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'd like to take a moment and complain.....

So my beloved Switchfoot is coming in Concert in the nati, during my birthday month. Heres the problem, actually there is quite a few.....first of all see the awesome pictures below of my beloved Switchfoot, from someone who got to see them in concert recently.....LUCKY. Ok the problem. The one friend who appreciates them as much as I do, will be attending a retreat that weekend, and probably won't be home in time.....yeah retreat....used to do those too, then something happened and I just don't scrap anymore! Yeah I said it, often consider scrapping, think about scrappin....might sit at my scrap table, but haven't scrapped a page probably in nearly a year....it's awful I know. Ok so back to Switchfoot......1. It's at the Underground, which is a nice place, it's just not all that big, and it's no seats (dang I'm old), and it'll be full of teenagers. Enjoyed them the most at The Newport in Columbus, and we have places like that here why not go there? 2. Tickets are $25 to $35, WHAT THE? Seriously I love them...and would pay this much, but come on seriously, that's a big increase from when I saw them before....well not huge but I think the most I paid was $20 and what's it mean $35, it's general seating.....does that come with a backstage pass. 3. I ain't going alone...that's just lame. So this is a PSA, if you LOVE....not moderately like, as in you've heard a song or 2, LOVE as in you own all their songs and they are loaded on your ipod and you know the words. Gimme a hollar......I'd hate to miss this concert since Hello Hurricane is an awesome album, and Switchfoot is my favorite band, and MARCH is my birthday month, I see no other reason! Being a grown up sucks sometimes for real!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

OMG! 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 T of vanilla, 8 cups of snow! I added chopped chocolate chips. AMAZING!

Made this today....it's super yummy. I think we are suppose to get more snow tonight. So I can make more tomorrow. Wow that picture is crap! Maybe if you click on it you'll see it bigger....sorry.