Sunday, July 04, 2010


Wow, seems everytime I blog, I am usually saying, "holy smokes, I haven't blogged in exactly 2 months!" And then I'll say a little something like, "well when you tweet a few times a day, theres not a whole lot to blog about." A true writer would still blog....guess I'm not a true writer, just a wanna be. So since the infamous doctors visit, when I had to pin my child down so some barbarians could inflict pain upon him.....something changed. He turned 13 and turned into a teenager instantly. To say his body has become inhabited by aliens would be an understatement. The ADD medication helps tremendously, I'm not an advocate of medication just so you can deal with your kid, but if he is legitamately ADD, and there is medicine to help him focus, FOR THE LOVE OF NOT KILLING YOUR CHILD get him some! Yesterday was Saturday, we slept in a bit, and the man decided how about we not give him his meds today. I had to work most of the day so I was like....ok that's on you! So I had decided when I got off we'd run on over to our towns fireworks display. I was off in time for us to find a spot at the local CVS, we could sit right there and have the best view in the whole city. Well the boy would not shut up....if he wasn't talking, he was making some sort of noise, and when you asked him to be quiet, he just got louder and would yell at you.....WOW, he's lucky he's alive. And hungry...OMG...hungry every 5 min. As in just now while I was typing this I hear him in the kitchen, oh wait cause apparently I'm dumb and deaf.....he's quickly walking to his room....until I stopped him and said.."what kind of food are you sneaking to your room." He said "nothing", I said how about you go get whatever food you just took to your room...."he returns with a stack of 4 giant chocolate chip cookies..." OMG...he put them back, although I nearly killed him! This is only the beginning people I'm sure it gets worse from here!

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Julie said...

It's been a long time since I've checked in with your blog (sorry about that!). But I had to comment: been there, done that, can relate. This all sounds painfully familiar. :-)