Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dr's Visit Bullshit!

So Perry generally rarely gets sick. He's a healthy boy. He's finishing up his 3rd year in a row with perfect attendance. So the only time we go to the doctor is in the spring to fill out summer camp medical forms. It's been a while since he's had to get a shot, and I can't remember him ever freaking out. When he was a baby, he literally never cried when he got a shot. I was the big chicken and would usually send Ron with him if I knew he had to get a shot. This time I didn't think it through very well. And he's almost a teenager and more aware of what going on, not to mention he's got some sensory issues. His learning disability, makes it take him longer to interpret things in his head. It's just how it is. Often times he doesn't want to put forth the effort to try and figure things out because it often just takes too long. Things that are unpredictable send him over the edge. Fire Alarms have been a big issue in the past, basketball buzzer, he doesn't like to ride a bike, it took him a few years to go fast on his razor scooter, the element of pain and it being unpredictable is an issue for him and we've learned to live around it. This is also why he doesn't like to try new foods also.
So discuss in front of him that he's getting a shot, much less 3, bad bad bad idea...and this is my fault, it's been so long since he's had any shots, I didn't think it through and attempt to make accomodations. Like how about we not discuss it, we get that shit together and perform a sneak attack, we will be much better off people. No instead, a lengthy discussion of which shots he was getting, and turn your head and cough incident, more shot discussion and anxiety builds. By the time it's shot time it's been discussed at least 4 times and the nurse show's and Perry's devised a defense plan. Like running around the room, sitting in the chair in the fetal position refusing to move. I offer to hold his hand, and he's not having it. Bribes of toys and what not, ain't working...we are now fighting a losing battle. So the unpleasant nurse, who has no people skills much less any attempt at any niceties, leaves to get reinforcement, and in walks Nurse Cratchet, who is even more evil. She begins to insult the kid who is having full on freak out, by telling him kindergartners who are 5 years old get shots all the time with no issues. REALLY LADY, is that at all necessary. I was mortified but too busy trying to get my kid to sit still so he could be inflicted with pain I requested. So they decide to leave and give me some time to talk him into it, which I am sure I could have done had they given me at least 5 minutes but they gave me all of 30 seconds, came in with my Dr. (whom I love by the way) they make the decision for all of us to hold him down and get it done. Feeling like the worst mom in the world I help in this, he gets the first shot while flayling about screaming like an insane lunatic, he gets the first shot and he says "ahhhhh......silence.....oh that was just a pinch, that didn't hurt so bad....can you let me go now, please....NOT...you got 2 more." Dr. Koehl and I hold him down while unpleasant nurse number 1 and Nurse Cratchet finish the job." Once we're done, Perry was kind enough to apologize to the nice ladies for acting like a nut......while I fall the heck apart. Dr. Koehl says that's not the first time we've had to hold down a 12 year old. Seriously there has to be a better way! Did I mention I had a scheduled appointment, and I had to wait over 1.5 hours, and the whole thing took me 2 hours???? The shot fiasco was all of 20 min maybe. Fairfield Medical you cost me a trip to Culvers, and a new truck from Target....and you may have cost yourself a patient!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I feel so bad for both of you. You would think that a "nurse" would have some compassion but nah, they don't give a flip. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this, but you know alot about me anyway. I had to hold Natalie down, at 15, in the dr's office to get a shot earlier this year. IT was the most awful feeling in the world. The look on her face was like utter betrayal towards me. I had a nightmare a few nights later about holding her down like that. It was not good. Even thinking about it now makes me upset. JHOOP

supermomdoesn'texist said...

How horrible, I feel you. I think shots (vaccines) are a necessary evil and sometimes not that necessary. :( Poor Perry, sounds like it was super-tramautic for him. And what do the nurses know? It's what they do day in/day out--but how often are they in the shoes of the scared 12 year old who is in a strage place getting virtually attacked by needles?!!