Thursday, July 07, 2011

OMG I saw U2!

Yep that's me and Connie, at the U2 concert in Nashville, TN.  This was before U2 arrived and did their thing.  Which was so so amazing.  There are things in life you think, "oh that will never happen".  You think, they'll never come to Cincinnati, and you think when you are a teenager, I will never in my life be able to afford to go somewhere else and see them ever.  Or my life will be too busy that I won't be able to break away and see U2 in concert.  Well all of that just totally happened!  We took a little road trip to Nashville and Saw U2 in concert! 
Funny how the minute you are pegged as a U2 fan, everyone has an opinion about Bono, unless they don't know who he is, which hello that's kind of wierd.  I've had a mix of haters and lovers, which is kind of fun, I welcome a friendly argument to be able to convince the world my love for all things Bono.  It will be very hard to top that concert, I'm certain it will be impossible.  Unless I see them again, which is not an impossibility!