Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Glutton for Punishment

Ok that test that made me feel real dumb last week. Well I'm re-taking it TOMORROW! Lost a day since I thought today was tuesday. So much prayer is needed so that I don't further humiliate myself.

Monday, May 29, 2006


The puppy finally stopped crying thank God. I'm afraid to go in the area of which it is.....cause my good was loud, and Maizy is none too pleased. They seem to get along ok, Puppy wants to play with Maizy....a little too rough....Maizy's not a big dog, so she doesn't know what the hecks going on. We just got home from camping all weekend. I am exhausted, and am going to bed like now. Had me a little Boones Farm this weekend, thanks to Layni....(she spares no expense for her best friend, LOL! She knew I'd like it...since it tastes like freakin Kool aid) so ok ok....more than a little a whole freakin bottle except for the cup that Ron had. The rest was all consumed by me. Does you good to get your drink on like once or twice a year so this is one for me. Best thing is to be outside, where you can make use of recreational wheeled objects. This is who this wheeled toy is meant for. He can barely make it go, but he loves it. This other photo however is who it's not for.....there is a weight restriction on those things. It held up quite well, but I am getting a bigger one. Layni rolled out on her roller blades, me on Perry's Scooter and Ashton on her scooter. Crazy!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


This skit makes Perry lose his mind.....he gets to giggling so much he can't stop. I have to admit it's dang funny!

It's all about Being Honest!

Ok when I was a teenager having never had a boyfriend. I decided I wasn't going to get married until I was 35. To me at the age of 14, that seemed like a good plan. And surely it would take me that long to find someone to fall in love with. At the age of 14 I decided also that I did not want to have children. Seemed like too huge of a responsibility. Man I was smart for a 14 year old. So what the hell happened with that plan? Apparently God had something a little different in mind. I fall in love, way earlier than I was suppose to, and end up married at 22, and pregnant with that child I wasn't going to have at 27. Falling in love changes your priorities. And having a child you actually planned for really screws things up. Now you are responsible for something that is the largest responsibility you will ever have in your life and if you screw up, well the consequences are dealt with for many generations. Then not only do you have a kid you said you weren't going to have, but you actually ask God for one thats unique and different, that part God heard, so I got what I prayed for.

Ok sorry for the rant. Met with Springer School administrator today. Getting into springer ain't as easy as saying......"Childrens hospital says my kid has a learning disability, heres some money, now work your magic." It ain't that easy....might be for some but not for P-man. His IQ is low, his social skills issues aren't what they normally see, and he's got some sensory issues. He's not typical of a springer student. My hope is they will see him as a challenge and something they want to figure it's going before a much larger committee, so pray the right decisions are made and I'm not begging for something that can't help him. And if that's the case then what? Since clearly the public schools aren't working all that well for him. I want him to excel, not just squeak through. Is there really a clear cut answer to this problem? Why is God messin with me, I don't get it?


Dreadfully busy....Madame Blueberry anyone? Or wait is that "Are you my neighbor?" Yeah it's are you my neighbor, Veggie Tales miss those days. Now we are knee deep in Cars, and the movie's not even out yet.

So Loma is over for now I'll sign up and retake the stupid thing as soon as I can so I can retain what little I do know and build on that lack of knowledge. I know I ain't stupid, really I'm not I write this crap don't I? And you people read it. So it must be fairly readable, like I make sense most of the time. We're getting out camp on this weekend, so from now until we leave it's going to be crazy busy. Hope it doesn't rain. I'll camp in the rain, but it sure gets messy. Have a great holiday weekend folks.......

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Warning: Not Intelligent

Ok you've been warned, heck I don't even know if that's spelled right. I don't think I'll have anything intelligent to say this evening. Go check Stacie's blog, she was rather profound and I had something profound in response to her profoundness. Could be all I have for at least a month, so keep checking back......but I can't promise what you see will be anything you want to read. So ya'll are saying why so glum chum? LOMA that's why so glum......this stupid test I have to take to prove I am worthy to continue working as an insurance administrator. I knew when I took the job almost 3 years ago, that eventually I'd have to suck it up and take the stupid test. Theres 2 of them and I've now failed the first one 3 times. How hard can it be? I work with the stuff on a daily basis. see, I'm more like a trained monkey. Teach me the process, and I can do it, but don't ask me to explain why, or how I do it, I just do it. I do it all day everyday for 8 hours then I go home and experience real life. I have no interest other than it's how I get paid, in life insurance. Is that bad? The thing is, I like having a job that challenges me mentally just enough to keep me awake most of the time. Where I can listen to my tunes, in my own space, nobody breathing down my neck, work shows up I do it and go home and never give it another thought. I have all sorts of energy left to stress about cub scouts, school, scrapbooking, relationships, ect....because my job takes up very little energy. So the fact that I can't pass this test, does that make me stupid? In some circles possibly.....but who wants to have those kinds of friends anyways? I can think of one person who enjoys talking about this friend Amy she could talk for hours about insurance, it's her job she's an agent, but when she starts my entire brain completely shuts down. I even know pretty much what she's talking about but, it's like my ears are in no way stimulated by that nonsense. So now you don't ask "Did you pass your test?" because I don't want to freakin talk about it ok....NO I did not pass the test. I got a big fat F. Now go read Stacie's blog!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Prayers Please.....

Guess things can't always be great and wonderful. This Monday from hell, I could very much end up in tears. I am extremely overwhelmed so I am pleading for some prayers from my peeps. Thanks!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Look it's like Ipod....only it's IScrap. Ha...has anyone already discovered that? It could totally be a I've gone and said it outloud so much for my get rich plan. I scrapped today. Yes I know I should've been studying LOMA....barf...don't ask. It's sort of necessary unless I want to fail a test a 3rd time, and pay $75 dollars. Like I said don't ask....I'm 6 chapters into an 18 chapter BORING book about insurance, 12 to go before Tuesday, it can happen. Besides I'm not reading the book I'm doing the study questions over and over....I'm thirty freakin' seven years old I am so over cramming for a test. I should be pinning blankets too, orders are still trickeling in, keep em coming, I'm just trying not to burn out my sewers since they are volunteers. We seem to be moving at a good pace and average about 5 blankets a week, I think that's really good since we all work. So ok Iscrap...... This page was my favorite.....

Then we went to dinner. Layni and I split a Bowl from Chipotle and it was like the perfect serving. I need more friends who are willing to I can maintain my weightloss. Then I hooked up this sweet Cub World layout for the pictures from our fall campout. The boys have changed so much just since the fall. Dang they grow too stinkin fast!
I did two other pages but that weren't all that great so I'll spare the blog viewing public.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Ok we've established that I'm not a dog person. My husband however is. He'd fit right in with my co-workers, primarily the ladies I have lunch with everyday. They like to talk about their dogs. It's just what they do. I usually gripe about my dog. The fact is she's a good dog, pretty well behaved, she likes to give kisses if you allow her to, but will go away if you make her get down. So anyways I'm just not into her like my husband is, that's because he's a dog person. Meet the neighbor dogs.... don't know their names because I've never asked. They are friendly enough, I give them treats several times a week, because my dumb dog never eats her treats. So they get a few treats a piece. Then theres my dog Maizy the wonder dog. Yes she got her hair did, so now she's slightly pretty. So then we go visit some puppies this evening. Ron has always wanted a big dog. Thought Maizy was big enough really she weigh like 9 lbs. And theirs the lovely dogs next door they are big dogs who don't have to live in my house and eat my furniture. Cause that's what big dogs do they eat furniture. Now all the sudden we'll have a puppy who will grow to be a mid-sized dog. He's an Australian Shepherd. Fluffy cuddly and cute.....and no he ain't sleeping with me! We've decided to name him Kipper because we like to name our animals after cartoon characters. Heres the real Kipper. This is the cutest cartoon ever for toddlers. He's got the cutest english accent. Anyways we've named the dog KIPPER!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cube Jamming!

Ok so I'm not a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, however I believe she's very talented, and she deserves every bit of her success. This song is a good one, and the chic in the cube in the video....yeah that's totally me! I wouldn't necessarily wear a suit like that unless I had an interview or something, but I do enjoy rocking out in my cube.....kind of a funny mental picture. Oh and I'm am totally into Kelly's nose ring, I seriously want one like that for my 40th b-day.....whose with me?

Blessed beyond Measure

Ok wow...wanted to acknowledge the fact that I am truly blessed. As in knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt I am heading in the right direction kind of blessed. It's such an amazing feeling. Today I went to my mailbox at work, and there was one of those big interoffice mail envelopes. Doesn't matter if it's work related or not "Big Mail" excites work or at home a big envelope gives me that "Oh it's something big" kind of feeling. Usually at work it's not all that exciting, but I had a feeling today for some reason. So I open it up and it's a torn off half of a peice of notebook paper, with my name written in red marker.....ok not very business like, strange way to deliver a fax of some sort, so it wasn't that....and it's folded in half with staples around the outside. Felt a little big like a ransom note. I open it up and a $20 bill falls out, so then I'm thinking it's a blanket order. But it's not, it's a donation to Perry's tuition fund. And an annoymous note came with it. Just saying the saw my ad on the bulletin board and didn't want a blanket but wanted to make a donation. What? Really? Wow, that's pretty stinkin' cool...Blessed indeed. Investigated a little bit, but something told me annoymous meant just that......So we'll say it's from God.....thanks God, and God's messager whoever you might be, maybe you'll stumble across my blog, THANK YOU SO means a lot to me knowing there are people like you in this world. In other news my friend Connie had her baby. Bit stressful getting her out, but no major complications. We're happy she finally arrived. Meet Emily Grace Petertonjes......pretty name for a beautiful, perfect baby girl.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Family Member.....

So I tell my friend Abby she needs to find a man. Plain and simple, she's single and she don't like it so she needs to get out there and find a man. Do things that would require her to socialize with single available men. I told her she needed to do something to begin this process at least once a month and in no time at all she'll find that Mr. Someone. Well she's made that first step in the process. Meet Abby's new man. Yes he is a bit hairy. And he makes funny noises when he's petted to inform you that he's enjoying it, but he sure is cute. The best thing about this new man of Abby is that he can be caged. Nothing like a man that can be caged!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Your Song....

So I went to the WC tonight and I don't mean the water closet. I went to the Womens Community Meeting tonight, they've been doing it monthly since September and finally I got to go. It was nice and the women leading worship Julie, could seriously sing. She also gave her testimony that was significantly moving. And shared that in her time of despare instead of getting wasted (like she wanted to) or getting pissed off, or just wanting to die....although she had all those feelings in a matter of minutes, she chose to worship. Not call up you best friend and vent, or trash the person who had wronged her. She chose to cry out and cling to God. Alone just her and him. This is not a new concept to me, but I don't think I've ever heard it verbalized. Like someone actually saying it now gives me permission to do that, although I think I have before. She said the song for her that she cried out to God (rather elequently I might add, with some amazing power) was "Bless the Lord, oh my soul" You know the one that goes....."Bless the Lord oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name....." Very nice....try it with your eyes closed, and completely focused on God. Except that ain't my song, my song that I sing in those moments when I am crying out to God (thankfully it's not been recently) is "I surrender all...." That one works for me, and yes I have had times on my face before God crying out, because I didn't know what else to do. "All to Jesus I surrender, all to him I freely give, I will ever love and trust him in his pressence, daily live....I surrender all, I surrender all, all to thee my blessed savior, I surrender all...." Do you have a song? If so what is it, leave comments I know you people read this thing! We won't discuss my pissed off know the Limp Bizkit? I never said I didn't have a scary side! Thank God I know more God songs to cleans me after a good round of Limp Bizkit!


Ok why is it now that my husband is working days, and is home I suddenly feel unproductive? Almost like I have a guest in my home. So so so wierd. I have cooked dinner every night but one so far this week. Impressive huh? Blanket selling is absolute madness I hope to have pictures to share over on the other blog, I'm up to 27 blankets. Feels good....I feel successful....just hope I can keep up with it.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scary and Damaged.

It will be hard to every find another show as good and as well written as Greys Anatomy. OMG....that show gets better everytime. The music, the storylines, the character developement, the hot babes....I could go on and on. You are cracking up one minute and crying the next. Tonight I felt like I was crying from way down deep, like it made my heart hurt, the writers get you that involved in the characters. And I was hurting just for a one time character. They are good they are very good. Meredith (character from Greys) always has a reoccuring quote almost every show. This week it was "scary and damaged", of which she is, and it made me think. Aren't we all? I mean everyone has a story, and if we were all to share those stories, we would find more times than not, we are all scary and damaged. But then there are those of us who are Christians.......(yeah how could I not go there, it's perfect)......damaged yes we are, but theres something about grace and forgiveness that makes us a little less scary. Man I love that show!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Buena noche mis amigos

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, we read our most favorite book of all time. And if you've never read this book run to the library and get it, it's the funniest most engaging story you will ever read. LOVE IT! It was introduced to me by my friend Melissa, she has a 4 year old and a 2 year old and one on the way. She visits the library frequently. We were at a wedding actually, right after son #2 was born. And suddenly, in the midst of the fancy cocktail party style reception she begins to discuss in such an enthusiastic manner this little Siamese cat, as if he were a life long friend. I had to get the book as soon as I possibly could. And then asked for it for christmas. Now Skippyjon Jones is part of our family. I never get tired of doing my best spanish accent.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm gonna Blow....

I'm sick of my house smelling like a dogs ass.....
I'm just saying. Ever get to that point when things are going so well you just come to the end of the line and anything and everything can and will set you off. Or maybe that's called PMS. Ok don't like the dog. We've established that. But if you are the said party who DOES like the dog, and you forget to put her in the cage before you leave the house, she will poop on the floor and probably pee on your dirty clothes pile. The dog is going to the first willing party who will take her, I've had it. I like animals in my home but not if they like to use it as a toilet. Even cats have been sent away because of this, and I like cats better. She's outside right now, on the porch probably wondering if I will ever let her in. She's lucky I scheduled her a hair appointment for tomorrow. Maybe I'll neglect to pick her up. First one to say I'll take her gets her....better hurry she sure is purty!

Check Me

I'm one of those multiblog people. And you said it'd never happen. I am gaining quite the following so had to create a "Blankets for Perry" space. So when you get a blanket take a picture of it's primary user and I'll post it on the blog. A whole lot of blanket love. I suspect we'll be up to 20 orders by the end of the week. Hopefully I'm not losing track.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I know it's almost 3 am....

Shut up I know! I've been asleep, but woke up since I fell asleep with my kid and hadn't done all the things you are suppose to do before going to bed. Woke up in all of my clothes, and an entire herd of stuffed animals surrounding me. How can a person sleep like that? So thought I'd blog for a moment and then go back to bed. Holy smokes, you know that whole God thing and the positive praying thing, how many times do I have to tell you people it works. I am completely amazed at the power of prayer. So someone bought the Hello Kitty blanket hours after it was posted. No bids on the other, but folks often wait till the last minute. So who knows. I had the bright idea to post a little something about blanket making on our electronic bulletin board this afternoon around 3 pm, I had 6 orders before I left and then 2 others from scrappin peeps, this is all within 24 hours. God knew that if something didn't happen with the blanket money making endeavor right away I'd be discouraged. So he hooked me up, I have no doubt about it. So if you wanna jump on the blanket train you better hurry before theres a long waiting list. Any theme is possible. If the material exists I'll find it!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Pimping Blankets

At least that's what my brother would call it. That's right people I'm on e-bay. Blankets for Perry, is finally started. I started with 2, and have 2 more in reserve to put up once those get going and I am more confident. I am all about using my kids cute face to sell some blankets. Now if you are a blog fan you have the advantage of just requesting a blanket. You can even request a specific theme, and we'll whip it up for you no extra charge. And if you are local I'll just bring it to you. For the low price of $20 or a hefty donation to Perry's school tuition fund will get you many blankets you make the call. Maybe you know a person whose having a new baby....perfect gift. Maybe you have a relative in a nursing home, and the afghan that Aunt Betty made is getting kind of ratty because it's made of yarn and they keep spilling soup on it, these wash up real nice. Maybe you have a preschooler who has a tough time taking naps, well if they had their favorite character to sleep under they might take that nap a little easier. I'm just saying.....PIMPING BLANKETS!