Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scary and Damaged.

It will be hard to every find another show as good and as well written as Greys Anatomy. OMG....that show gets better everytime. The music, the storylines, the character developement, the hot babes....I could go on and on. You are cracking up one minute and crying the next. Tonight I felt like I was crying from way down deep, like it made my heart hurt, the writers get you that involved in the characters. And I was hurting just for a one time character. They are good they are very good. Meredith (character from Greys) always has a reoccuring quote almost every show. This week it was "scary and damaged", of which she is, and it made me think. Aren't we all? I mean everyone has a story, and if we were all to share those stories, we would find more times than not, we are all scary and damaged. But then there are those of us who are Christians.......(yeah how could I not go there, it's perfect)......damaged yes we are, but theres something about grace and forgiveness that makes us a little less scary. Man I love that show!


Stacie said...

Nice tie in :-)

Have never seen the show.

bylgd said...

Stacie? Are you joking? You have NEVER seen Greys? What's wrong with you, Woman? With all YOUR rantings I would have thought you above everyone would be watching Greys. WHATEVER. I won't go there. At least Jodi and Moon and I all have sense enough to know a good thing when we see it. :) hee hee.
(moon is my good friend who, like me, LOVES greys...we NEVER miss it. NEVER)

Okay, Jodi... awesome post. :) You don't know me, but I know stacie and that's how I found you. :)