Monday, May 29, 2006


The puppy finally stopped crying thank God. I'm afraid to go in the area of which it is.....cause my good was loud, and Maizy is none too pleased. They seem to get along ok, Puppy wants to play with Maizy....a little too rough....Maizy's not a big dog, so she doesn't know what the hecks going on. We just got home from camping all weekend. I am exhausted, and am going to bed like now. Had me a little Boones Farm this weekend, thanks to Layni....(she spares no expense for her best friend, LOL! She knew I'd like it...since it tastes like freakin Kool aid) so ok ok....more than a little a whole freakin bottle except for the cup that Ron had. The rest was all consumed by me. Does you good to get your drink on like once or twice a year so this is one for me. Best thing is to be outside, where you can make use of recreational wheeled objects. This is who this wheeled toy is meant for. He can barely make it go, but he loves it. This other photo however is who it's not for.....there is a weight restriction on those things. It held up quite well, but I am getting a bigger one. Layni rolled out on her roller blades, me on Perry's Scooter and Ashton on her scooter. Crazy!

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