Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blessed beyond Measure

Ok wow...wanted to acknowledge the fact that I am truly blessed. As in knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt I am heading in the right direction kind of blessed. It's such an amazing feeling. Today I went to my mailbox at work, and there was one of those big interoffice mail envelopes. Doesn't matter if it's work related or not "Big Mail" excites work or at home a big envelope gives me that "Oh it's something big" kind of feeling. Usually at work it's not all that exciting, but I had a feeling today for some reason. So I open it up and it's a torn off half of a peice of notebook paper, with my name written in red marker.....ok not very business like, strange way to deliver a fax of some sort, so it wasn't that....and it's folded in half with staples around the outside. Felt a little big like a ransom note. I open it up and a $20 bill falls out, so then I'm thinking it's a blanket order. But it's not, it's a donation to Perry's tuition fund. And an annoymous note came with it. Just saying the saw my ad on the bulletin board and didn't want a blanket but wanted to make a donation. What? Really? Wow, that's pretty stinkin' cool...Blessed indeed. Investigated a little bit, but something told me annoymous meant just that......So we'll say it's from God.....thanks God, and God's messager whoever you might be, maybe you'll stumble across my blog, THANK YOU SO means a lot to me knowing there are people like you in this world. In other news my friend Connie had her baby. Bit stressful getting her out, but no major complications. We're happy she finally arrived. Meet Emily Grace Petertonjes......pretty name for a beautiful, perfect baby girl.


Stacie said...

God is marvelous, isn't he? So is your anonimous donor :-)

Emily Grace is a doll; please pass that along to Connie!

Stacie said...

Uh, that should say "anonymous"