Monday, May 01, 2006

Pimping Blankets

At least that's what my brother would call it. That's right people I'm on e-bay. Blankets for Perry, is finally started. I started with 2, and have 2 more in reserve to put up once those get going and I am more confident. I am all about using my kids cute face to sell some blankets. Now if you are a blog fan you have the advantage of just requesting a blanket. You can even request a specific theme, and we'll whip it up for you no extra charge. And if you are local I'll just bring it to you. For the low price of $20 or a hefty donation to Perry's school tuition fund will get you many blankets you make the call. Maybe you know a person whose having a new baby....perfect gift. Maybe you have a relative in a nursing home, and the afghan that Aunt Betty made is getting kind of ratty because it's made of yarn and they keep spilling soup on it, these wash up real nice. Maybe you have a preschooler who has a tough time taking naps, well if they had their favorite character to sleep under they might take that nap a little easier. I'm just saying.....PIMPING BLANKETS!

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Stacie said...

Brilliant! :-)