Sunday, May 21, 2006


Look it's like Ipod....only it's IScrap. Ha...has anyone already discovered that? It could totally be a I've gone and said it outloud so much for my get rich plan. I scrapped today. Yes I know I should've been studying LOMA....barf...don't ask. It's sort of necessary unless I want to fail a test a 3rd time, and pay $75 dollars. Like I said don't ask....I'm 6 chapters into an 18 chapter BORING book about insurance, 12 to go before Tuesday, it can happen. Besides I'm not reading the book I'm doing the study questions over and over....I'm thirty freakin' seven years old I am so over cramming for a test. I should be pinning blankets too, orders are still trickeling in, keep em coming, I'm just trying not to burn out my sewers since they are volunteers. We seem to be moving at a good pace and average about 5 blankets a week, I think that's really good since we all work. So ok Iscrap...... This page was my favorite.....

Then we went to dinner. Layni and I split a Bowl from Chipotle and it was like the perfect serving. I need more friends who are willing to I can maintain my weightloss. Then I hooked up this sweet Cub World layout for the pictures from our fall campout. The boys have changed so much just since the fall. Dang they grow too stinkin fast!
I did two other pages but that weren't all that great so I'll spare the blog viewing public.


Melinda said...

Your Ty pages look especially yummy!

Good luck on your test. I'm knee deep in reading myself (started law school Monday) and it's a real reality check on why I liked being an adult more than being a kid. LOL

Fingers crossed you can pass the test...have you googled the test name to see if anyone has blogged or offered tips on it?

Julie S. said...

Hey! I recognize that frog paper! :-) Great layouts - I love the "Wanted" sign! LOL!

sewcynful said...

Great layouts! iScrappped too on Friday. Got 8 pages done (2 4 page layouts) only have journaling to do on the visit to the Air Force museum I really need some scrapping got any?????? I can't seem to get any scrapping done at home, especially since my sewing machine is out and ready do sew blankets!!! See you Tuesday!