Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Warning: Not Intelligent

Ok you've been warned, heck I don't even know if that's spelled right. I don't think I'll have anything intelligent to say this evening. Go check Stacie's blog, she was rather profound and I had something profound in response to her profoundness. Could be all I have for at least a month, so keep checking back......but I can't promise what you see will be anything you want to read. So ya'll are saying why so glum chum? LOMA that's why so glum......this stupid test I have to take to prove I am worthy to continue working as an insurance administrator. I knew when I took the job almost 3 years ago, that eventually I'd have to suck it up and take the stupid test. Theres 2 of them and I've now failed the first one 3 times. How hard can it be? I work with the stuff on a daily basis. Right.....you see, I'm more like a trained monkey. Teach me the process, and I can do it, but don't ask me to explain why, or how I do it, I just do it. I do it all day everyday for 8 hours then I go home and experience real life. I have no interest other than it's how I get paid, in life insurance. Is that bad? The thing is, I like having a job that challenges me mentally just enough to keep me awake most of the time. Where I can listen to my tunes, in my own space, nobody breathing down my neck, work shows up I do it and go home and never give it another thought. I have all sorts of energy left to stress about cub scouts, school, scrapbooking, relationships, ect....because my job takes up very little energy. So the fact that I can't pass this test, does that make me stupid? In some circles possibly.....but who wants to have those kinds of friends anyways? I can think of one person who enjoys talking about this stuff......my friend Amy she could talk for hours about insurance, it's her job she's an agent, but when she starts my entire brain completely shuts down. I even know pretty much what she's talking about but, it's like my ears are in no way stimulated by that nonsense. So now you know....so don't ask "Did you pass your test?" because I don't want to freakin talk about it ok....NO I did not pass the test. I got a big fat F. Now go read Stacie's blog!


sewcynful said...

Bummer, Jodi. I know how much you studied for it. If you're like me, tho, tests don't prove how good you are at something. I failed the driver's permit test 3 times, but aced the driving portion. I am a terrible test taker, but I have been teaching for 19 years but would probably fail the teacher's entrance exam if I had to take it today. Just let me teach, it's what I do best. Anyway, sorry for your loss. Do you get another chance? Sorry I didn't ask you last night. I was in the scout mode and totally into doing that. Sorry.

Heather said...

Ahhh, Jodi! Even those F's have a purpose (Shhhh -- don't tell my students!!) I'll keep ya in my prayers!!