Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's all about Being Honest!

Ok when I was a teenager having never had a boyfriend. I decided I wasn't going to get married until I was 35. To me at the age of 14, that seemed like a good plan. And surely it would take me that long to find someone to fall in love with. At the age of 14 I decided also that I did not want to have children. Seemed like too huge of a responsibility. Man I was smart for a 14 year old. So what the hell happened with that plan? Apparently God had something a little different in mind. I fall in love, way earlier than I was suppose to, and end up married at 22, and pregnant with that child I wasn't going to have at 27. Falling in love changes your priorities. And having a child you actually planned for really screws things up. Now you are responsible for something that is the largest responsibility you will ever have in your life and if you screw up, well the consequences are dealt with for many generations. Then not only do you have a kid you said you weren't going to have, but you actually ask God for one thats unique and different, that part God heard, so I got what I prayed for.

Ok sorry for the rant. Met with Springer School administrator today. Getting into springer ain't as easy as saying......"Childrens hospital says my kid has a learning disability, heres some money, now work your magic." It ain't that easy....might be for some but not for P-man. His IQ is low, his social skills issues aren't what they normally see, and he's got some sensory issues. He's not typical of a springer student. My hope is they will see him as a challenge and something they want to figure it's going before a much larger committee, so pray the right decisions are made and I'm not begging for something that can't help him. And if that's the case then what? Since clearly the public schools aren't working all that well for him. I want him to excel, not just squeak through. Is there really a clear cut answer to this problem? Why is God messin with me, I don't get it?


Teresa said...

I know this is hard for you so I will keep praying that the right doors will open up.

Linda said...

I am praying. If we didn't KNOW that he is wonderful and such a special person......What is wrong with these people. They just need get to know him.
We are not the boss of this, God is. We just have be aware that he is going to show the way.

Melinda said...

I really will pray that this all works out for Perry and for the best. I can't help but think God has a big plan for the P-man and the doors will continue to open.

Heather said...

Just remember that God has greater plans for you and Perry than you can imagine!! He loves you and will do what's best for you!