Sunday, November 26, 2006

Surrender Some More...

More on Surrender at church this morning. The story of Joseph is such a great story about surrender. Genesis 38ish....through to 45ish. The coarse of history would have been forever changed had Joseph not surrenedered the way he did, there'd be no christmas, or Jesus dying on the cross, and we'd never know anything about grace. Here's a great video, a whole lot of irony, and people who could learn a thing or two about God's grace...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Weekend Kitty Love

I think she likes her new tent..........................................
Disregard our dorky dog flannel sheets. This picture of Baby Tiggie is hilarious. The tent is a pet tent from target, best 2.50 I've spent in a long long time. When the cats not using it it makes a nice club house for the Doodle Monster.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Shoes

Dude is a cutie! Not to mention the loveliness I got in the mail from Ebay today!
This song is perfect. It's pretty much lyrics I would write if I was a song writer....not to mention it makes me want to dance. LOVE THIS SONG! Oh and these shoes too....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Didn't I post recently? I mean since the haircut? Am I losing my mind or what. Technically tomorrow is workland anyways....woohoo! Tonight was the last Alpha of this session....always sad to see it end, but it'll be nice to come home after work on Tuesdays. I enjoy so much meeting new people through alpha and getting to continue to pray for the folks long after they are gone. You learn a lot about people in 10 weeks. Some you see the changes immediately and other the changes may not take hold for years. It's great to be able to pour into these peoples lives what I've learned over my spiritual journey. It's good to know all this knowledge I've gathered over the years is useful, not just to me but to other people.

The main question I posed to my group was "What does Surrender look like to you?" because I like to make them completely uncomfortable on the last night. Such amazing answers, showing me that growth was inevitable. To me you ask, what does Surrender look like for me? Sharing my life with others. Being so sold out to Jesus that seeing him in me is just a given. As in I don't really try, it's just there and comes natural because that's just who I am. My faith weaves it's way through every aspect of my life. That to me is what surrender looks like. So now I pose the question to you friends, and faceless strangers, christians and those who aren't....yet....
What does surrender look like to you? However you would interrpret that question. Don't be shy, you can always answer anonymously. And yes from time to time I like to make even my blog readers a little uncomfortable, because I believe that's when we grow.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why be Trendy when you are already cute?

Ok I seriously want to cry. Love Love Love his hair long, and it was just getting to the point where it looked really cute. But alas there are somethings that happen in life that make you question the need to be trendy. There are somethings that make you say....ok there are ways to prevent certain things from happening. Details aren't important, but making the haircut decision was me acting like a grown-up...and honestly he could care less. He looks cute either way, but the Luke Skywalker heading towards a rock singer was so so cute!


Thanks to Geegaw for the spontaneious venture to Great Clips this morning.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Good Heavens....

Ok so why is Christmas all the sudden 6 weeks away? I've not purchased 1 single gift. I've not made 1 single christmas card. Although I was suppose to get started this weekend, but my friends who I was suppose to hang with the entire day on Saturday....both of them sick! Whhhhaaa.....we were all looking forward to it too. I did get some ATC's started that are due Dec. 1st. So I was creative and that felt good. Seems we are making progress on the Dave Ramsey budget hell....theres a light at the end of this extremely long tunnel. I did some tweaking and saved us hopefully 400 dollars a month.....cha ching.....seems mortgage companies are in the business of making folks happy and not just always begging for money. That and I reduced the cellphone plan, and put the electric bill on even billing....BINGO... Tried to get the man to shell out some dough for a little entertainment....but he held on tightly to the funds....and mentioned that Sex is free......Riiiiight....

Thankfully the only thing P has requested for Christmas is a Gross Out Doodle Monster....ahhhh yes it sure is fun having a boy. Man last week was a busy week, I had something planned every single day but Wednesday.....all at church....MADNESS....

Woohooo Congrats to my girl Rachel Ray who won Iron Chep America that show!

Hug Update: Total of 4 hugs received since operation hug therapy started. Kind of slow going. Maybe I need a t-shirt or a pin or something.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ha Ha Ha....

I thought I'd let you guys linger on Connie's comment for a bit. LOL..........Pregnant??? Yeah right. Um it hurts a lot....I mean a lot, for those of you who have never experience childbirth, sure worth every minute of it, but MY GOOD LORD THAT HURTS! So no the answer is NO I am not pregnant, nor do I want to be anytime soon.

It's really not top secret just hard to explain unless you are inside my head or know me really really well and even then it's really hard. I would venture because it's hard to explain, it's clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, because when that happens human words to describe the feeling just aren't adequate. Make sense? Just really feel like God's got me heading in the right direction. What that entales and what that involves is still not clear really, just seem to have some sense of peace and clarity. Thanks faithful blog readers for joining me on this ride!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cupcake Love.....

So Ron says why did you make cupcakes? And I say because they make me happy. He didn't believe me, he thought I had an alterior motive. No seriously just to make me happy that's it and it totally worked.
I am pretty sure God's doing something cool. Yeah like I've never said that before. Well it's true, except I'm not sharing because it'd probably freak out about half (like 2) of my general view audience. So I'll just keep it on the DL (that's downlow for the other half who ain't hip) until I feel comfortable to share.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


It just keeps coming up all over the place time and time again. The desire and need for authentic relationships in my life. I don't ask for it, it just happens. I don't bring it up, it seems to be forced upon me. Maybe that's what the hug therapy thing is all about? Ok so whatever too much deep stuff!

So the man got to me yesterday dang him. I think he was just messin with a women with hormonal issues. Nothing he did any different than he does any other day, usually I can take it and disregard any harsh words that come my way. But yesterday....I was shredded (for lack of a better discription) so it brought on the mean reds, and I felt chaotic and disorganized. So I decided to correct this with a little food love..............I'm not saying this is the answer to cure all. I'm just saying these are little bits of happiness and it worked. Now they aren't anything like Shimelles cupcakes because she gets quite creative with her little bits of happiness, however they are far more creative than I had planned. I wanted to do marble cake with vanilla icing. I was really feeling marble cake, but Krogers wasn't agreeing with me. As a matter of fact grocery shopping on a Saturday evening proved to be a bad idea, as apparently everyone grocery shops on Saturday during the day since they took all the stuff. Including all the marble cake mixes. So I got chocolate and buttercream icing. But when I got home, I happened to have a box of SPICE CAKE spice cake with buttercream icing......perfection....and happiness, and not boring like chocolate or vanilla. And no one told me how yummy buttercream icing was. So I'm off to be creative with some papper now that I am over my mean reds.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hug Update....

Maybe the week of Halloween wasn't the best week to have "operation Hug therapy", since I have recieved 0 hugs from anyone but those who live in my house. Funny thing is the person who gave me the idea by saying that I was the "anti-hug" girl I actually saw this week, when I went to Columbus to see Switchfoot. She gave me NO hug....what's up with that?? I mean I didn't solicite a hug, which is just generally not going to happen. I'm not there yet, I am working on the actual hugging itself not the how to get a hug. I mean are their rules other than the ones I imposed. I mean are there "the general public just knows this" type of rules that I just don't know about since I'm not a hugger? Is there a certain stance, if so can I get a picture? Do I have to give the "I need a hug look"? Cause I don't generally need a hug persay, I just don't really want to be that person who gives off the ultra violet don't hug me vibe. Maybe it's just a non-hugger can't be turned into a hugger....could that be it? Kind of trying to put a square peg into a round hole? Time will tell.
*ETA: Hug update, 2 hugs from non-family members, 1 was a blog reader, the other I doubt reads my blog. The weekends not over...tomorrows church and there will be the true test!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cosmos in Chaos

Bulletin board in Computer room, originally uploaded by Yoda0419.

I've taken Stacie's Challenge serious and done expose many parts of my home to the general public so show you what Cosmos in Chaos is all about. If you click on the photo, it'll take you to a whole set. Check out the challenge here. Anyone can play and this is a super easy challenge. Be sure to click on all the notes I put on my picture they promise to be amusing.


Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, originally uploaded by Luke S..

No lie he looks dead on Dana Carvey doesn't he? Wonder if he gets that alot?

Switchfoot - Stars

Switchfoot - Stars, originally uploaded by Luke S..

I meant to do it more like this. Ok so I'm a little obsessed. So sorry Connie, if you'd just read my blog you'd be aware of the concert, and you could have been like HEY I WANNA GO...and we could have rolled out together. Figured not a whole lot of 30 something women like myself is crazy enough to travel 1.5 hours away for a concert on a weeknight. Heck you only live once. I'd do it again in a heartbeat!


Originally uploaded by Luke S..
Oh my goodness what a teeny tiny nightmare. I hate it when systems switch things up and it takes you forever to figure out the new way of doing things, Blogger, google, Flickr are working together in harmony. And look finally am able to post this off the hook photo, from Flicker by Luke S. Dang I love technology....and Switchfoot.