Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ha Ha Ha....

I thought I'd let you guys linger on Connie's comment for a bit. LOL..........Pregnant??? Yeah right. Um it hurts a lot....I mean a lot, for those of you who have never experience childbirth, sure worth every minute of it, but MY GOOD LORD THAT HURTS! So no the answer is NO I am not pregnant, nor do I want to be anytime soon.

It's really not top secret just hard to explain unless you are inside my head or know me really really well and even then it's really hard. I would venture because it's hard to explain, it's clearly the work of the Holy Spirit, because when that happens human words to describe the feeling just aren't adequate. Make sense? Just really feel like God's got me heading in the right direction. What that entales and what that involves is still not clear really, just seem to have some sense of peace and clarity. Thanks faithful blog readers for joining me on this ride!

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