Friday, November 03, 2006

Hug Update....

Maybe the week of Halloween wasn't the best week to have "operation Hug therapy", since I have recieved 0 hugs from anyone but those who live in my house. Funny thing is the person who gave me the idea by saying that I was the "anti-hug" girl I actually saw this week, when I went to Columbus to see Switchfoot. She gave me NO hug....what's up with that?? I mean I didn't solicite a hug, which is just generally not going to happen. I'm not there yet, I am working on the actual hugging itself not the how to get a hug. I mean are their rules other than the ones I imposed. I mean are there "the general public just knows this" type of rules that I just don't know about since I'm not a hugger? Is there a certain stance, if so can I get a picture? Do I have to give the "I need a hug look"? Cause I don't generally need a hug persay, I just don't really want to be that person who gives off the ultra violet don't hug me vibe. Maybe it's just a non-hugger can't be turned into a hugger....could that be it? Kind of trying to put a square peg into a round hole? Time will tell.
*ETA: Hug update, 2 hugs from non-family members, 1 was a blog reader, the other I doubt reads my blog. The weekends not over...tomorrows church and there will be the true test!

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sewcynful said...

Jodi got 2 hugs today!!!!! I was there!