Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Didn't I post recently? I mean since the haircut? Am I losing my mind or what. Technically tomorrow is friday...in workland anyways....woohoo! Tonight was the last Alpha of this session....always sad to see it end, but it'll be nice to come home after work on Tuesdays. I enjoy so much meeting new people through alpha and getting to continue to pray for the folks long after they are gone. You learn a lot about people in 10 weeks. Some you see the changes immediately and other the changes may not take hold for years. It's great to be able to pour into these peoples lives what I've learned over my spiritual journey. It's good to know all this knowledge I've gathered over the years is useful, not just to me but to other people.

The main question I posed to my group was "What does Surrender look like to you?" because I like to make them completely uncomfortable on the last night. Such amazing answers, showing me that growth was inevitable. To me you ask, what does Surrender look like for me? Sharing my life with others. Being so sold out to Jesus that seeing him in me is just a given. As in I don't really try, it's just there and comes natural because that's just who I am. My faith weaves it's way through every aspect of my life. That to me is what surrender looks like. So now I pose the question to you friends, and faceless strangers, christians and those who aren't....yet....
What does surrender look like to you? However you would interrpret that question. Don't be shy, you can always answer anonymously. And yes from time to time I like to make even my blog readers a little uncomfortable, because I believe that's when we grow.


Art Chick said...

Surrender to me means discomfort and relief. I know that sounds like two totally opposite words (but it makes sense in MY mind.)

The closest thing I can do to explain is to use a reference from one of the Chroncles of Narnia books; I think it's The Voyage of the Dawn Treader when Eustace finds the dragon's lair and turns into a dragon. Then Aslan has to rip off the dragon skin to save Eustace. He says it's the most painful and beautiful experience he's ever gone through. Painful because it's ripping away the "stuff" and beautiful because he knows it's right and the only thing what that will save him.

Good stuff, Jodi!

Heather said...

Surrender, to me, is just being face to face -- there's so much you can (or can't) do when you are NOT face to face... BUT, being in someone's face and having them in yours there's nothing but honesty in there (at least on my part!)