Sunday, November 05, 2006


It just keeps coming up all over the place time and time again. The desire and need for authentic relationships in my life. I don't ask for it, it just happens. I don't bring it up, it seems to be forced upon me. Maybe that's what the hug therapy thing is all about? Ok so whatever too much deep stuff!

So the man got to me yesterday dang him. I think he was just messin with a women with hormonal issues. Nothing he did any different than he does any other day, usually I can take it and disregard any harsh words that come my way. But yesterday....I was shredded (for lack of a better discription) so it brought on the mean reds, and I felt chaotic and disorganized. So I decided to correct this with a little food love..............I'm not saying this is the answer to cure all. I'm just saying these are little bits of happiness and it worked. Now they aren't anything like Shimelles cupcakes because she gets quite creative with her little bits of happiness, however they are far more creative than I had planned. I wanted to do marble cake with vanilla icing. I was really feeling marble cake, but Krogers wasn't agreeing with me. As a matter of fact grocery shopping on a Saturday evening proved to be a bad idea, as apparently everyone grocery shops on Saturday during the day since they took all the stuff. Including all the marble cake mixes. So I got chocolate and buttercream icing. But when I got home, I happened to have a box of SPICE CAKE spice cake with buttercream icing......perfection....and happiness, and not boring like chocolate or vanilla. And no one told me how yummy buttercream icing was. So I'm off to be creative with some papper now that I am over my mean reds.


Heather said...

YUMMM ~ buttercream! My sister makes it herself and we just dip nilla wafers in it... MAN! If you were closer, I'd take you to Wanda's and you'd be feeling all KINDS of sweet love!

Andy said...

Hi Jodi!
I found a list of scrapbookers blogs and came across yours. I just wanted to give you a cyber hug and can become a hugger. :-) My daddy wasn't a hugger but before he passed away he was a different man. Hang in there!