Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz and Colbey Calet, should hook up, or maybe they have and I juSt don't know it. This the latest full album I'd like to buy. So if you owe me a gift...this here album on the itunes would be SWEET!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The one where Dave Ramsey gets thrown under the bus.....

Sorry Dave. Not sure what happened after taking Financial Peace. We were good for many months, even paid off a student loan we were chiseling away at for over 10 years. Then we got a little extra cash flow from Mr. IRS, and all the sudden we lose our damn minds. Budgets are for smart people, apparently neither Ron or I are smart. I'm sure if you are a regular reader you've determined that considering my poor grammer and bad spelling. Ha! Not so smart, but a really quick wit! So for mothers day, after much pleading, and researching I talked the man into Guitar Hero III, because I was in a former life a Rocker chic.
I am quite good at easy songs so far, I tried moving on to Medium level, and when you add a 4th key all hell breaks lose! So I'll stick to 3 keys for a little while longer. Seriously though we either need a bigger TV or we need to put it up higher, because no one looks good with their chin to their chest playing guitar! So because of my guitar playing buzz, I unintentionally washed and dried my cellphone. Honestly am I the only one whose ever done this? I hear folks drop them in the toilet all the time.....ewwww.....but that's probably a quick out sort of thing (I hope). Apparently several gallons of water flushing through it and then a quick spin in the dryer for an hour isn't exactly the best thing for your cellphone. So headed to the phone store for a accessment of the was toast....sims card erased, and I lost all my peeps....NOOOOOO.... in this day and age, that's where everyone is, if they ain't there they don't exist. So if you are a peep of mine, and you've not sent me your digits and care to ever hear from me again. E-mail me your digits or you are lost forever. So I upgraded to a blackberry (hello Mr. IRS). Was a bit afraid to tell the man who I knew wouldn't be happy considering it was twice as much as I needed to spend, however theres a sweet rebate of $100 bones after 90 days. Predictably he was real mad...even hung up on me...yelled...was annoyed, but knew he'd lose eventually and began to research the phone I was a wise purchase. No one can resist cool and affordable technology, so the man had to have one for himself and scored one for an early fathers day gift. Oh and he had to get the better one, with a flash, and has video capabilities.....WHATEVER!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Go find this....

So Ashton and I planted a letterbox for Pack 969. Someone has actually found it and logged in on the letterboxing website. Very cool. Now you people GO FIND IT!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Now for the Hard Stuff

Tomorrow begins the 2 day grieving process. I've been coping fairly well, trying not to think about any of it. I created a very cool card to help with the coping process.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gone too Soon!!!!!

Warning this blog post could suck....royally....but newsflash life sucks royally sometimes. So I've dealt with some sucky funerals in my day. Grandparents are the closest death I've dealt with, and the childhood friend I lost to suicide that was the suckiest of all. But a family members child....this could potentially suck, and suck bad! My cousin (technically 2nd cousin) Rachel lost her life in a car accident last night, I can't continue to skirt around it sorry. My attempt to busy myself with a busy Saturday to try and control my grief has now come to a screeching hault and I am faced with the reality that a beautiful 15 year old girl is no longer with us.

So I am preparing myself for a fairly crappy week. I'm not sure how it could not be.

What I did to get my mind off things today?

We had a busy busy Saturday on tap. We went and participated in the Clean up the Miami River banks. I had mentally prepared myself that this could potentially be yucky since often this river can be rather stinky, and where we were going was near the sewage treatment plant, that to me just sounds stinky. Good news no funk smell at all. It was actually a beautiful day. And bonus, they must have had a crew of volunteers yesterday because we didn't score that much trash. I mean a stove, a fridge, an old rusty washtub and some remains of a rusted out car, and a few tires were our big finds. Oh Oh Oh, the best of all was when one of our Tiger cubs emerged from the woods with a shopping cart basket. So stinkin cute. 10 year olds rarely want to cooperate when I'd like to get a cool photo of them in the storm sewer. Thought it'd be a cool shot of all of them peeking out of the concrete circle. However no one cared to listen to me. I am fairly certain they see me as Perry's annoying mom who is always taking pictures. Like here this is a cool photo Ron caught....and then theres one of the little mud mongers red gloved hand in the shot. Right if I had photo shop I could chop his hand off as if it was never there and I am sure some software on here could do that. However if they would just care about my desire to get a decent shot this would not happen. They are precious angels who have fun together....but um they are 10 and they are dirty and they smell bad. Today required 2 showers.....2 showers for a reluctent 10 year old is no fun for anyone. So in observance of the fact my weeks going to suck....I shall end the day by consuming a banquet dinner (the suckiest of all meals) at 11:15 at night because I did not have time to eat dinner tonight.

No stink smelly 10 year olds were required for this cool shot I got.
Please pray for my family as we head into a week of mourning. Pray for my cousin Monica as she grieves the loss of her baby. My dad's side of the family is a close knit bunch, and this kind of death is going to be hard on everyone. Hug you kids a whole lot tighter tonight, and consider waiting on letting them drive.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

What I'd call Perfection.....

SWITCHFOOT LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and getting lost in the woods with my favorite teenager! Well it wasn't out intentions to get lost in the woods, or be frightened by the unsuspecting man who came up behind us.

We scared the poor man with our screams more than he scared us. It was so funny! It was not our intentions to leave the cellphone in the car. Our plan was to plant the letterbox and head back to the car. So there was no reason to bring the bottle of water with us, it was a short hike. Then the trail we had never traveled before beckoned us, seriously how long could it be. It said at the beginning of the trail, some kind of loop which usually means you end up back where you started. We missed the part that it was 1.5 miles, and we weren't completely sure it was a loop??? Because we are both ding bats (me a grown up one), and neither of us have a good sense of direction. Thank Goodness for the compass on my watch, except I didn't know what direction we should be heading in. Hee Hee....Needless to say 1 mile into it, we weren't sure we would ever see our car again, and then we spied the thorny tree near the letterbox we planted, we had indeed made a full circle. time we might want to take some water....maybe a snack. We plan to explore the part we missed next week, which means we'll be lost again!