Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First a Funny and then Getting Deep!

I was talking to some folks at church tonight about this skit, from Exit 57. It's very tongue and cheek, and has no spiritual value what so ever, but it's dang funny, in a White Trash kind of way.

Never did talk about how deeply effected I was by Session 4 of Beth Moores study on Daniel. And then it was backed up by sundays message at church. Seems I put a lot of value in what people think about me. I know my true value comes from God and I am a child of God...but HELLO I am a part of this world as well, and it's so difficult not to care about others approval and what other people think about me. Whether what they think about me is true or false, I often take great value in it. She also go quite personal with me, it was as though she was speaking right to me, as though she was in my head. Gave me a lot to think about, and pray about. Not sure what it all means, but she is digging can be painful at times....but I know it's for a purpose. God knows why, and he'll reveal the purpose in his time.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Aaaaand we're back!

Thanks was a whole "While you were out" sort of thing. Imagine the panic when I thought I had jacked the whole thing up. Not sure if I like the pink on the sides.....anyone have a comment? Too much pink?

Ok theres some updates to the benefit crop. As in a more recent diagnoses. I'll update the original post. Regardless of the diagnoses, the child is very very sick, and the goal is to raise money for a family who is unable to afford the mounting medical debt, that will continue to mount as he's treated. Thanks to those who have responded and we will plug you in to help where needed as we continue to organize. The response has been awesome.
***WARNING WEATHER TALK BEGINS NOW: Ok it's never ok to speak of the weather in your blog unless there are extremes involved. Lets face it people if the weather is all you have to talk about well then you should not have a blog nuff said. But if you are expreriencing extremes like lots of snow, or really hot weather, or tons of rain, well then that's ok. Or say for instance.......GOOD GOD PEOPLE IT'S FLIPPIN' COLD OUTSIDE.

I had to go to Walmart for a new gate and picked up a few food items while there....along with a quest for replacement Gumy Phones....I know it sounds like some sort of candy, oh but it's not. They are the best (in my opinion) ear buds ever, ecspecially if you have small ears...(me) in tiny, it's no wonder I can hear a thing....they are so small. But I hear well...very well, almost as good as I can smell. I can ramble......I went specifically to Walmart to get new buds, and they didn't have them. I refuse to buy any other buds because I've experienced much bud unhappiness in my day, so it makes good sense to go with what I know will make me happy. The green ones lasted me about 8 months....this is a good thing considering I use them every single day. So left Walmart, with plans to finish my grocery shopping at Kroger (because that is the only place we can purchase our latest beverages of choice at a reasonable price, vitamin water and Big K diet Dew Drop). Upon leave walmart with no new buds I remembered...Best Buy sells Gumy suddenly I was headed to Best Buy. Seriously live in my head for one day, you too will be exhausted. Found new bud happiness...and got 2 packs so I don't have to run all over the city again ever. The orange is a new color, had only planned on getting the pink...but ORANGE...what's not to love about orange? And no I didn't make it to Krogers, and yes Ron is out of Diet Dew Drop, so he's resorting to Kool-aid for a day....seriously people it's too damn cold out there to be running to Krogers.
***This was not a Vera Bradley commercial...although the Medallion print is quite nice. Trust me that women needs no help making money. Gumy Phones however will make you happy.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Ok calm down people it'll be back I promise. Please Stacie don't kill me. I know you got it in you bucket somewhere. Stupid blogger bastards made it sound so easy....talkin about we got your old template saved and you can just get the codes from there really....WELL WHERE THE HELL IS IT? Care to make that easy? Ok in other news. The mighty P-man placed 3rd in the ever so chaotic Pinewood Derby. Third for his Den, which is good news. My car won it's first race but was soon eliminated it second race. Rats! Perry also got his final reward for the drawing contest at his Daddy's work. He didn't win a spot in the calender but he did place for the local contest. Truth is his picture was better than any of pictures in the Calender. We survived our rather busy day. Glad we don't have to do it again till next year.


*Edited to add...I started this entry this morning and as I started to describe all I had to do today I began to get overwhelmed and stopped and now that all the activities are over I can relax and finish my entry.

Ok how about a little good news. After weeks upon weeks of getting "F's" on his spelling tests the P-man, got an 80%.....woohooo.....A pizza celebration dinner was in order. Once we got our pizza the family had a somewhat disconnected friday evening. Perry enjoyed his pizza in the living room, while watching a new episode of "My Gym Partners a Monkey", I'm sure he gained important wisdom! I started watching the 1st season of Heroes on this amazing discovery my brother told me about. It's this place far better than You Tube....since it has MOVIES, and TV shows....full episodes. Sounds slightly illegal, but nothing blew up, and no virus was transmitted. The fact you don't need the WWW for the web address might mean it ain't on the up and up...?? Anyways heres the website. Anyways I got through the first 2 episodes and WOW....I'm hooked. I'm not usually a Sci-Fi fan of anything, but this I could get into. Ron was catching up on 24 that he decided he should watch. I got season 1 from the library because I hate to not be part of some hype....I want to he fell victim to the hype. Lost I can do without. So now after he's done with Season 1 he'll wait for the rest of the seasons from the library and by the end of season 7 he'll be caught up and ready to watch season 8....LOL.....Thank goodness I was only one season behind with Heroes, I can make that happen in a few days. Ok busy day today and here I am blogging go figure. God women do not forget your Camera! Ok that was a note to self.
Tyler Fisher is a beautiful little 18 mo. old boy who has been at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati since November of ‘06 & currently remains undiagnosed. He’s already endured a liver transplant & was recently diagnosed with SCID's (they’ve discovered suspicious masses around his heart) .

I'm helping plan a Benefit Crop.....haven't done one of those in 6 years or so. We've been successful in the past so this time should be no different. If you'd like to donate stuff to be raffled at the benefit by all means send me a shout. If you'd like to come and need details I got the 411. If you'd like to donate time, money, food, how about you just check out the link and it'll give you all the info you need. The more stuff we got to raffle, the more money we can make!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Thing is, I like strippedy socks. I don't know that, strippedy is a word, but I use it and I like in my world it's a word. Problem is with strippedy stocks if you can't find it's mate you can't mate it with another.....OR CAN YOU? I am loving that there is a place in this world called Mismatch. I like the concept. It speaks to me. I have a tendency to be somewhat like Punky Brewster....or Cyndi Lauper in the 80''s who I am and I'm ok with it. My own style of sorts. I read in last years Scrapbooking Hall of fame one of the winners listed her quirk as she sometime wears mismatch socks.....She was a CK Hall of Famer......which good or bad I have the utmost respect for, that is a tough contest. So a respectable scrapbooker, out there in the world....wears mismatched socks, suddenly that makes it ok....with me anyways. I haven't done it yet...but when I do I will be sure to report if I was laughed out of my workplace. Come on confess do you ever wear mismatched socks? No one really reads this, no one will ever know.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life never Changes

Ok so that getting up early nonsense happened all of 2 days. Yeah the geek husband SAYS he's been telling me to do that for years. Whatever the man can't change who I me he's tried for for 15 years now...and maybe even a little before that and the dumb ass married me anyways. So why change now? I will continue to set the alarm for 7:15ish....and get up at 7:45ish....ok 8!
Oh and the whole internet fast....yeah failed at that miserably too. I mean I've still been able to limit it, so I'm on less than I was before the fast but I'm still on more than I should be. Like for instance tonight I literally had 4 IM's going at once....for about 20 minutes it was a mad house, my screen was going crazy. That hasn't happened in years. Back in the day I'd do it all the time, but then we all got responsible and were online IM doesn't happen as often, but tonight holy crap! I was able to hold my own and keep up with everyone so I still got it in me. Ok this is for my friend Dave.....who likes to stump me via e-mail with song lyrics.....this song has very distict lyrics and I was so pissed today cause I didn't get this one right away.

He found it to be quite amusing that he stumped me....whatever....I'll never forget it now!

Ok the next few photo's were going to be held off till Saturday...but tomorrow is practice, so why not show them off now. I present to you Pinewood '07......
Ok the Pink car is not Perry's....geez....his is the super cool Lightning McQueen one he and daddy built. Daddy was kind enough to cut and sand mine, then I pimped it out.

There you have it Pimped out Pinewood. I'll let you know how she runs...usually the pretty ones aren't too fast...but I requested that she be aerodynamic, so she can be pretty and fast....Perry's is just dang smooth.....they outdid themselves. With Cars being the newest craze, I'd be shocked if there wasn't at least one more Lightning. Ron has already informed me that he will not weigh in my pink car at practice or the day of the race. Apparently a pink car can burn a manly mans hands.....I just might be appalling with my pink car to the serious Pinewood racers.....Can't wait!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Food Loving Weekend

I forced the man to take me out to dinner on Friday. I try this every friday and it's usually met with a whole lot of whining. Dude works real hard and wants to do nothing on Friday but sit his booty on the couch and watch all his wonderful show's on Sci-fi network. I however spend the whole week fixing dinner every night (almost) and do not wish to cook on Friday nuff said. So he took me to Applebees....the new one near our house. Which means the wait was LONG, which is fine cause I am a patient person. But apparently the new Applebees is half the size of a normal Applebees and folks were packed in like sardines. I had seen Tyler Florences comercials on TV....and thought wow those look real yummy but can some schmuck cook at Applebees recreate it. (sorry if you are a cook at Applebees, but you don't get paid enough....I'm just saying.) So rather than ordering something I've had a million and one times, I decided to take a risk. The last time I did this I took a risk on some lame Weight Watchers menu item, and was very disappointed in my dried up piece of chicken breast on some fiber infused bun. So I decided to take a risk on one of Tylers dishes.....and HOLY schmuck cook at this Applebees....I think Tyler was back there doing a Food was off the hook yummy. I had the brick chicken that came with the Spinach stuff that was just wilted with carmelized onions, some sort of shaved cheese, hard boiled eggs, and a warm vinegar type dressing....oh and bacon....everything tastes amazing when you add bacon. The chicken was juicy and seasoned perfectly, but the spinach oh man I can't stop thinking about it, I'm searching the internet for the recipe, because I wanna make that yummyness happen in my own home.

Friday, January 19, 2007


So I am choosing GREEN for my color of happiness. Happiness which just so happens to be a spelling word this week. Actually it's Unhappiness....I know this because I had to get creative with studying spelling. So any word more than 3 letters long, became a song, with beats. Just like the girl in Akeela and the Bee....if you haven't seen it you must!

Ok so why Green. Heres the explaination. I totally thought Yellow, but kept being pulled back to green. Green being my favorite color since I was a child. And it dawned on me why Green is the right choice. Are you ready for some extreme corniness (is that a word by the way?) Ok here goes, you take the blues and you sprinkle them with yellow sunshine what do you get.....GREEN! Which makes me want to sing Willy Wonka...."Springtime the only pretty thing time, bird say a ding, a ding ding sweet lovers love..." Only a true Willy Wonka fan could appreciate that. So than to celebrate my new found happiness....not to be confused with UN...HAPP....INESS....I present to you my new favorite song, and my new possibly full album purchase from itunes.

Dude is a mysterious black eyeliner kind of way don't ya think? I love him.....Love my husband more, but love him in a Rockstar kind of love kind of thing, cause he sings well.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Better Place

God must have heard my screams, since each day seems to be getting better and I'm coming out of my funk. Not to mention I prayed that I'd get my butt out of bed earlier so I'm not so rushed in the morning. And it's happened the past 2 morning and it's so nice not to be rushed. Each morning I've been taking a few minute to thank God for making me get out of bed. Perry's probably thanking God to so I'm not rushing him around like a nut.

Perry was so pleasant this evening too. He took some afternoon meds which was a great help, we argued less, and he focused more. He started his God and Me study at church tonight, I think this will be so good for him to have a mentor who will share God with him one on one. One thing about being so busy 5 days out of he week, the week goes by so fast. Not that I desire to speed up time, or my life but getting through the week to Friday is a good thing, so the mean purples are gone (thank God) they faded into the mean reds, and I think those are now "somewhat irritated pinks". Now I need a color for not stressed and happy.....hummm...what color? I'll let you pick....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Thoughts...

I'm trying desperately to come up with some...gimme a sec....Oh...
We have a grown up refridgerator, thanks to my brother. He splurged for a brand new one, and we got his old one which to us is a grown up fridge cause it has ice and water in the door. Amazing work of art this thing. Now if I could just get my hands on a coke and put it over some refridgerator ice cubes going to the Mugrages will never be the same. I've been going to the Mugrages for over 20 years now, back in the day before kids and before husbands I'd be there more often than now, and a coke with refridgerator ice cubes at their house always tasted the best. So the true test will be is it just the cubes or is it the cubes from their fridge?

Oh it's my husbands birthday, we are now the same age for the next 2 months. I made him a Oreo pie, and got him Star Wars Lego I....don't ask me why? I knew it'd make him happy but consume him for a while. As a matter of fact the moment he opened it, it wasn't but 10 minutes and he disappeared leaving me with a SUPER HYPER child, whose meds were no longer working, heck they don't work that great when they do work....and he hadn't done his homework, and he got bad grades on both his tests last week. Patience, patience, patience....his appointment is next week. I can make it one more week without hurting anyone. Now to try and convince the idiot husband to only play the stupid game when the child is not's almost like I have 2 kids. They both find great delight in the game, but no one understands the word MODERATION, and physical it's cold.....

Winter has finally arrived, I just hope it doesn't stay around long I was getting used to it being warm when it's suppose to be cold. Ok sorry for the rambling.....Um the name of the blog incase no one notices is Nonsensical Ravings....that I have accomplished on more than one occasion.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Super Sniffer....

It's a gift really. I have one heck of a smeller. I can smell things from a distance. For instance, my husband has been stashing a Mike's Berry malt beverage since christmas, but I had one at a friends house and didn't like it, so I gave him permission to drink mine. So he was in the same room as me about 20 minutes after he drank it. And I was sniffin....and said did you drink that Mikes Hard Berry? Few hours later....walked through the room....sniffing....."honey did you eat the rest of the M&M's?" I love to smell things...unless they are stinky. I like to smell the ink of a new magazine. Each magazine seems to have it's own distinct oder. Like a Real Simple magazine doesn't smell like a Creating Keepsake, one isn't better than another, just different. I like to smell the plastic of a new DVD case. Bet you didn't know it had an does! I like to smell new scrapbook patterned paper. Again different brands have different smells. My dad and my brother have a distict smell that sinks into their t-shirts. It's not a stinky smell it's just their own oder. Their pillows smell like that too. Wierd how I remember that. A honeydew candle reminds me of my dad's t-shirt smell. I love the smell of downey on my clothing and other peoples clothing. I can remember my best friends mom's towels had a slight mildewy smell to wasn't bad, it was just there, we couldn't ever figure out why her towels always smelled like that they just did. They were clean they just didn't smell like downey. I like the smokey smell on my clothes and everything I own after a weekend of camping. Who can resist the smell of coffee in the morning.....MMMMMM.....Thank you God for a super sniffer, it gets me through the day and makes me happy!


The message a church this morning was on blame. Hummm...feel like it's suppose to mean something. There was a whole bunch of stuff rolling around in my head, but not sure what it all means. The survey given in church, was an eye opener for me. Seems I'm pretty hard on myself, and others. Can't change or fix any of that, but I can certainly try from this day on to not be like that. Seems Dave said that's not all that easy to do. I suppose if God wants a change in me he'll make it happen. Warren Barfield sang this morning. Not sure if that's why the entire city was at my church today, or what. But that place was off the hook. I mean granted when you attend a church where the potential turn out can be 6000 or so, it's going to be rather crowded, but this morning, was insane. Traffic to get in, traffic to leave, people traffic in the place, no where to sit....guess that's a good thing at church huh?

I scrapped yesterday. Did 4 pages. It felt good to be creative, I can't say I was the best company with the mean purples and all, but it helped me come out of it a bit. I am starting to feel better. Mean Purples.....I kind of like's a combination of the mean reds and the blues. Hummm....interesting concept don't ya think?

Friday, January 12, 2007


I think my "mean reds" have turned into "mean purples". I think I just made up mean purples, but it seems fitting. Since Mean Reds are, when you are sad and you don't know what you are sad about....from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I sort of know what I'm sad about, but no one would really care. And theres no way to fix it. So it's developed now into mean purples and I just want to tell everyone to kiss my ass....nice I know....but that's how it is. Life is so F'ing complicated sometimes. So tomorrow I'll scrap, maybe get a new pair of shoes, listen to some Limp Bizkit, and I'll be better by Sunday.....please for Godsake no one send in the hug patrol!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Integrity depends on Consistency

HOLY COW....are you kidding me? I mean this is so good I am going to have to quote it directly from Beth's study guide. We are so living this, right now! Me and so many people I know. It's all about consistency!

"The lifeblood of integrity is becoming the same person no matter where we are, no matter who's around. When we become the people of integrity, everything we are on the inside is obvious from the outside. The Latin word for "integrity" literally means "entire." The essence of the term is wholeness and completeness. Integrity is "the quality or state of being complete or undivided." You can see therefor, how much integrity depends on consistency. Integrity not only calls us to live inside-out, it keeps the outside from coming in. Consistency in our walk and in our talk becomes a transportable cloak of protection around us, going anywhere we go. Life becomes so much simpler when there aren't so many costume changes."

Could those words not be more amazing? Could they not speak volumes. I think it's important to be culturally relevant, so the world doesn't pass you by, or to be aware what are kids are being bombarded with. However it's a constant balance to be culturally relevant and consumed by the culture we live in. But back to the whole integrity thing. I have been one to live with integrity my whole life. That doesn't mean I did not and have not fallen from grace a time or twenty. It seems though God has called me to a higher purpose, and when I feel the need to "keep up with the Jone's", or do what is blatantly not part of Gods plans, something generally goes terribly wrong. So apparently God knows what he is doing. That quote I need to plaster everywhere to remind me what God has called me to be....and to be consistent....
Ok so this weeks study, just about made my brain blow out my ears. Anytime I study anything that directly connects to the endtimes, I'm slightly creeped out, yet intrigued all at the same time, and I want to know more. God puts me in those kind of situations time and time again. Good stuff....

Oh at first I thought Beth Moore calling me "beloved" would creep me out almost like getting a hug, well I'm getting used to it, and I am getting used to hugs.....shhh....that doesn't not give you permission to be hugging all up on me, so back off whoever you are....crazy hugging fools!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I know!

I am aware of what time it is. Don't remind me. I'll be worthless and grumpy tomorrow. Me thinks Perry has grown or gained weight, and me thinks the meds are not as effective as they once were, or they are wearing off sooner and since I get home later, I get him non-medicated. And the seemingly handsome, however sometimes not so helpful husband sat upon the couch while I fought over homework. When he could have had it done or almost done before I got home, which would have been good cause he would have been MEDICATED. So I was tapped this evening after more than an hour of homework battles. He doesn't mind doing it it's just he has the attention span of a nat after 8pm. So he'll write a letter then pick the eraser off his pencil or humm the star wars tune they play in the Bar area, or the Darth Vader march song. Yes there seems to be somewhat of a healthy addiction to Star Wars going on these days. God give me patience as we head into the do too much trilogy of days for the next 2 months. That actually means I have stuff going on everynight but Monday and Friday for the next 2 months. Keeps me off the streets.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baby Rocker?

I'm really not sure how these things happen they just do. I am the original headbanger.....DON'T YOU FORGET IT LITTLE BROTHER....!!!

God Knows me!

So I had big plans to talk about being a lemming and Vera Bradley and all thing senseless an meaningless. But thought I'd take a more meaningful route. So the P-man is playing Upwards Basketball again this year. I am faced again with the question is this the right decision? He is still COMPLETELY clueless that there is a ball in play and that there is even a game going on. He's afraid of the ball, during a game he won't even touch it. Which honestly is for the best cause if he got it he probably wouldn't know what to do with it. It's very likely he'd grab it then sit it on the floor and watch it spin.....I'm serious.....There are a few brief moments during the game when he'll realize oh, I'm suppose to be guarding #25 or whatever number, then he'll jump in front of that person and shuffle back and forth and wave his hands wildly. Then his mind takes over and he's back in Perry land. The good thing is this year he for the most part is on the right side of the court more often than last year. And he moves with the pack of players so it appears he is aware of what is going on. It would be so much easier to not have him play basketball. Less embarrassing as I know the other parents are like why is this kid playing? It would be so much easier to avoid those many experiences that make me uncomfortable. If I did that, how many experiences would Perry miss? How many experiences would the people around him miss? How would his coach ever get to interact with someone like Perry? His coach from last year saw him at practice, and said..."it's so nice to see his smiling face again..." Athletics wise Perry offered nothing to the team if anything he gave many baskets away. Yet he offered a lot to his coach, it gives them the oppurtunity to not just work on plays but to work one on one with Perry to give him what he needed to feel a part of a team. It gives the boys the oppurtunity to know someone like Perry, and for them to teach what they know and what comes natural to them...and to reach out to someone who is a little different. And they do....those are the moments I am glad I don't avoid and I push myself to EXPERIENCE. Rick and Dick Hoyt are the hugest examples of Experience...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miss me?

Ok since I'm pretty good at blogging everyday, I guess I wasn't missed. But internet surfing I do, quite a bit of, and as you can see by my post from yesterday I was giving something up. I have limited myself to 2 hours per day to be done in the evening.......HOLY CRAP IS THAT HARD. For some it would not be hard, but that break at work at lunch time when I catch up with my cyberspace peeps, and then the oodles of time I spend blog reading, message board reading, e-mailing....who knew I was an addict? Then what happens is you get on someones blog and you start reading comments, and then you click on the name of the commenter and low and behold looky there they got a blog, so then you read theirs...and the cycle becomes endless. Or they got cool links on their blogs pretty soon you were reading Stacy's blog, and now you are trapped in the land of Steve don't Eat does that happen? It's not that the stuff I am reading makes me more dumb...or is it dumber...or am I dumb cause I don't know from reading blogs? Anyways lets go with dumber, because I'm not, for the most part the blogs I encounter, folks are fairly profound and have something genuinely useful to add to my life and wealth of information. However....they do consume quite a bit of my freetime...thus the reason it's something significant I can limit for 6 weeks. Notice I am "limiting" and not "eliminating".....crap...that would just be nonsense...cyberspace would miss me.
So how did all this happen. Well Beth Moore mentioned fasting from something during the first half of the study. Encouraged but it wasn't necessary. I knew for me, for it to make an impact I'd have to do something tangeable and take her up on her encouragement. Instantly I thought internet...then said naw that isn't an issue. Then it show'd up again in my head in the shower this morning...and then in the car....whatever, those are the only two places I can escape Perry's never ending noise making and my mind is free to hear what the heck God's saying. So then...listening to Erwin today, and he said "it's one thing to listen to what God is saying, it's a whole other thing to actually DO what God saying...." SNAP......dude I get it....God I hear ya, guess you weren't kidding. I don't want to end up like those poor schmucks at the tower of Babble....and start speaking another language even I don't's been done, so I'm gonna be a doer and not just a listener....nuff said....

So if you are looking for me during the day in Cyberspace I won't be around till evening for the next 6 weeks, do not panic!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


How more timely could a study on Daniel be than right about now when I am in budgeting hell, and forced to give up spending money as I know it. It's not just any study on Daniel but a Beth Moore study on Daniel, which I've been told are awesome and entense all at the same time. I can't begin to tell you how amazing and dynamic she is, if I could just get my hands on the book I need I could get this life transforming thing rolling here.

Anyways I'm considering giving up something to go along with this 6 week study, not sure what yet any suggestions? How about staying up late? Food? That's way too predictable...I need something that'll make me sweat, and feel God's work in my life.....internet??? Oh boy...I'm gonna have to go pray.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I ain't Cheap!

But my groceries were. Ok so I did something I thought I wouldn't ever do again, and I'm not sure it was worth it. I went to Aldi's, I haven't shopped at Aldi's in 6 years or so, only because I've not really had to, until my inability to stretch the $80 a week grocery budget. I'm just not able to make it work at Krogers. So I headed to Aldi's to see what I could do. Granted I got quite a bit for super cheap, but I don't think it was worth it. 49 cent bread, and it's not bad, not quite as fiber filled as Sara Lee, but it tastes like bread. 52 fish sticks for $1.50, that Perry doesn't seem to mind eating, but I don't think he's met a fish stick he didn't like. A bag of frozen french fries for like 1.00, seemed to be eatable by the P man, eggs for 50 cents, snacks, like blue tortilla chips, fritos, BBQ chips, pringles, all for under $1. So we'll see this was a wierd week, not typical as I had to purchase party food for our New Years Eve Party, we have horsdorves for dinner so that's not typical food I normally buy. Oh and I got like 6 good looking porkchops for $4...that's 2 meals at our house. Dang I hate groceries on a budget...any tips. Oh and I'm not consistant on the coupon clipping so don't even suggest it.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Life has Come to This?

Ok so I thought I'd start the new year off, scrapping and posting highly intelligent thought provoking blog entries. You've been warned this video could seriously change your life!