Saturday, January 27, 2007


*Edited to add...I started this entry this morning and as I started to describe all I had to do today I began to get overwhelmed and stopped and now that all the activities are over I can relax and finish my entry.

Ok how about a little good news. After weeks upon weeks of getting "F's" on his spelling tests the P-man, got an 80%.....woohooo.....A pizza celebration dinner was in order. Once we got our pizza the family had a somewhat disconnected friday evening. Perry enjoyed his pizza in the living room, while watching a new episode of "My Gym Partners a Monkey", I'm sure he gained important wisdom! I started watching the 1st season of Heroes on this amazing discovery my brother told me about. It's this place far better than You Tube....since it has MOVIES, and TV shows....full episodes. Sounds slightly illegal, but nothing blew up, and no virus was transmitted. The fact you don't need the WWW for the web address might mean it ain't on the up and up...?? Anyways heres the website. Anyways I got through the first 2 episodes and WOW....I'm hooked. I'm not usually a Sci-Fi fan of anything, but this I could get into. Ron was catching up on 24 that he decided he should watch. I got season 1 from the library because I hate to not be part of some hype....I want to he fell victim to the hype. Lost I can do without. So now after he's done with Season 1 he'll wait for the rest of the seasons from the library and by the end of season 7 he'll be caught up and ready to watch season 8....LOL.....Thank goodness I was only one season behind with Heroes, I can make that happen in a few days. Ok busy day today and here I am blogging go figure. God women do not forget your Camera! Ok that was a note to self.
Tyler Fisher is a beautiful little 18 mo. old boy who has been at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati since November of ‘06 & currently remains undiagnosed. He’s already endured a liver transplant & was recently diagnosed with SCID's (they’ve discovered suspicious masses around his heart) .

I'm helping plan a Benefit Crop.....haven't done one of those in 6 years or so. We've been successful in the past so this time should be no different. If you'd like to donate stuff to be raffled at the benefit by all means send me a shout. If you'd like to come and need details I got the 411. If you'd like to donate time, money, food, how about you just check out the link and it'll give you all the info you need. The more stuff we got to raffle, the more money we can make!


Teresa G. said...

I would love to help however I can. I can certainly donate some items from The Angel Company.

Michelle Payne said...

We got hooked on 24 last fall. Watched the first of season 5 and we were hooked. Rented all past season in two weeks to get caught up. LOVE it.