Sunday, January 21, 2007

Food Loving Weekend

I forced the man to take me out to dinner on Friday. I try this every friday and it's usually met with a whole lot of whining. Dude works real hard and wants to do nothing on Friday but sit his booty on the couch and watch all his wonderful show's on Sci-fi network. I however spend the whole week fixing dinner every night (almost) and do not wish to cook on Friday nuff said. So he took me to Applebees....the new one near our house. Which means the wait was LONG, which is fine cause I am a patient person. But apparently the new Applebees is half the size of a normal Applebees and folks were packed in like sardines. I had seen Tyler Florences comercials on TV....and thought wow those look real yummy but can some schmuck cook at Applebees recreate it. (sorry if you are a cook at Applebees, but you don't get paid enough....I'm just saying.) So rather than ordering something I've had a million and one times, I decided to take a risk. The last time I did this I took a risk on some lame Weight Watchers menu item, and was very disappointed in my dried up piece of chicken breast on some fiber infused bun. So I decided to take a risk on one of Tylers dishes.....and HOLY schmuck cook at this Applebees....I think Tyler was back there doing a Food was off the hook yummy. I had the brick chicken that came with the Spinach stuff that was just wilted with carmelized onions, some sort of shaved cheese, hard boiled eggs, and a warm vinegar type dressing....oh and bacon....everything tastes amazing when you add bacon. The chicken was juicy and seasoned perfectly, but the spinach oh man I can't stop thinking about it, I'm searching the internet for the recipe, because I wanna make that yummyness happen in my own home.

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