Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I ain't Cheap!

But my groceries were. Ok so I did something I thought I wouldn't ever do again, and I'm not sure it was worth it. I went to Aldi's, I haven't shopped at Aldi's in 6 years or so, only because I've not really had to, until my inability to stretch the $80 a week grocery budget. I'm just not able to make it work at Krogers. So I headed to Aldi's to see what I could do. Granted I got quite a bit for super cheap, but I don't think it was worth it. 49 cent bread, and it's not bad, not quite as fiber filled as Sara Lee, but it tastes like bread. 52 fish sticks for $1.50, that Perry doesn't seem to mind eating, but I don't think he's met a fish stick he didn't like. A bag of frozen french fries for like 1.00, seemed to be eatable by the P man, eggs for 50 cents, snacks, like blue tortilla chips, fritos, BBQ chips, pringles, all for under $1. So we'll see this was a wierd week, not typical as I had to purchase party food for our New Years Eve Party, we have horsdorves for dinner so that's not typical food I normally buy. Oh and I got like 6 good looking porkchops for $4...that's 2 meals at our house. Dang I hate groceries on a budget...any tips. Oh and I'm not consistant on the coupon clipping so don't even suggest it.


Heather said...

Girl,I LOVE Aldi's because I AM cheap!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Aldi's too. I especially love their Grandessa line and their Fit and Active lines.