Thursday, January 04, 2007

Miss me?

Ok since I'm pretty good at blogging everyday, I guess I wasn't missed. But internet surfing I do, quite a bit of, and as you can see by my post from yesterday I was giving something up. I have limited myself to 2 hours per day to be done in the evening.......HOLY CRAP IS THAT HARD. For some it would not be hard, but that break at work at lunch time when I catch up with my cyberspace peeps, and then the oodles of time I spend blog reading, message board reading, e-mailing....who knew I was an addict? Then what happens is you get on someones blog and you start reading comments, and then you click on the name of the commenter and low and behold looky there they got a blog, so then you read theirs...and the cycle becomes endless. Or they got cool links on their blogs pretty soon you were reading Stacy's blog, and now you are trapped in the land of Steve don't Eat does that happen? It's not that the stuff I am reading makes me more dumb...or is it dumber...or am I dumb cause I don't know from reading blogs? Anyways lets go with dumber, because I'm not, for the most part the blogs I encounter, folks are fairly profound and have something genuinely useful to add to my life and wealth of information. However....they do consume quite a bit of my freetime...thus the reason it's something significant I can limit for 6 weeks. Notice I am "limiting" and not "eliminating".....crap...that would just be nonsense...cyberspace would miss me.
So how did all this happen. Well Beth Moore mentioned fasting from something during the first half of the study. Encouraged but it wasn't necessary. I knew for me, for it to make an impact I'd have to do something tangeable and take her up on her encouragement. Instantly I thought internet...then said naw that isn't an issue. Then it show'd up again in my head in the shower this morning...and then in the car....whatever, those are the only two places I can escape Perry's never ending noise making and my mind is free to hear what the heck God's saying. So then...listening to Erwin today, and he said "it's one thing to listen to what God is saying, it's a whole other thing to actually DO what God saying...." SNAP......dude I get it....God I hear ya, guess you weren't kidding. I don't want to end up like those poor schmucks at the tower of Babble....and start speaking another language even I don't's been done, so I'm gonna be a doer and not just a listener....nuff said....

So if you are looking for me during the day in Cyberspace I won't be around till evening for the next 6 weeks, do not panic!


Heather said...

THat takes a LOT of determination... You go, girl!!

ConnieP said...

I totally know how it can snowball into way too much time. I mean, I came downstairs to check my e-mails at 4:30. It is now 5:15 and I am still online, reading blogs.