Sunday, January 28, 2007

Aaaaand we're back!

Thanks was a whole "While you were out" sort of thing. Imagine the panic when I thought I had jacked the whole thing up. Not sure if I like the pink on the sides.....anyone have a comment? Too much pink?

Ok theres some updates to the benefit crop. As in a more recent diagnoses. I'll update the original post. Regardless of the diagnoses, the child is very very sick, and the goal is to raise money for a family who is unable to afford the mounting medical debt, that will continue to mount as he's treated. Thanks to those who have responded and we will plug you in to help where needed as we continue to organize. The response has been awesome.
***WARNING WEATHER TALK BEGINS NOW: Ok it's never ok to speak of the weather in your blog unless there are extremes involved. Lets face it people if the weather is all you have to talk about well then you should not have a blog nuff said. But if you are expreriencing extremes like lots of snow, or really hot weather, or tons of rain, well then that's ok. Or say for instance.......GOOD GOD PEOPLE IT'S FLIPPIN' COLD OUTSIDE.

I had to go to Walmart for a new gate and picked up a few food items while there....along with a quest for replacement Gumy Phones....I know it sounds like some sort of candy, oh but it's not. They are the best (in my opinion) ear buds ever, ecspecially if you have small ears...(me) in tiny, it's no wonder I can hear a thing....they are so small. But I hear well...very well, almost as good as I can smell. I can ramble......I went specifically to Walmart to get new buds, and they didn't have them. I refuse to buy any other buds because I've experienced much bud unhappiness in my day, so it makes good sense to go with what I know will make me happy. The green ones lasted me about 8 months....this is a good thing considering I use them every single day. So left Walmart, with plans to finish my grocery shopping at Kroger (because that is the only place we can purchase our latest beverages of choice at a reasonable price, vitamin water and Big K diet Dew Drop). Upon leave walmart with no new buds I remembered...Best Buy sells Gumy suddenly I was headed to Best Buy. Seriously live in my head for one day, you too will be exhausted. Found new bud happiness...and got 2 packs so I don't have to run all over the city again ever. The orange is a new color, had only planned on getting the pink...but ORANGE...what's not to love about orange? And no I didn't make it to Krogers, and yes Ron is out of Diet Dew Drop, so he's resorting to Kool-aid for a day....seriously people it's too damn cold out there to be running to Krogers.
***This was not a Vera Bradley commercial...although the Medallion print is quite nice. Trust me that women needs no help making money. Gumy Phones however will make you happy.


Stacie said...

AMEN to the "flippin' cold!" And are you seeing banner-y goodness under your header now? Let me know if not, I'll be back later.

Julie S. said...

holy crap! I thought I was on the wrong blog! Love, love, love the pink!

ConnieP said...

I have to be honest, I think it is too much pink. Sorry, my friend. You asked for opinions. I love the pink in the banner. Your banner rocks! But, can't say I like the pink on the sides as well.

And, I bought the gumy buds in green and they won't stay in my freakin' ears! They fall out. Does that mean my ears are too big? Too small? Help, I want to LOVE the gumy's, but so far, not so much. :(