Monday, January 15, 2007

Super Sniffer....

It's a gift really. I have one heck of a smeller. I can smell things from a distance. For instance, my husband has been stashing a Mike's Berry malt beverage since christmas, but I had one at a friends house and didn't like it, so I gave him permission to drink mine. So he was in the same room as me about 20 minutes after he drank it. And I was sniffin....and said did you drink that Mikes Hard Berry? Few hours later....walked through the room....sniffing....."honey did you eat the rest of the M&M's?" I love to smell things...unless they are stinky. I like to smell the ink of a new magazine. Each magazine seems to have it's own distinct oder. Like a Real Simple magazine doesn't smell like a Creating Keepsake, one isn't better than another, just different. I like to smell the plastic of a new DVD case. Bet you didn't know it had an does! I like to smell new scrapbook patterned paper. Again different brands have different smells. My dad and my brother have a distict smell that sinks into their t-shirts. It's not a stinky smell it's just their own oder. Their pillows smell like that too. Wierd how I remember that. A honeydew candle reminds me of my dad's t-shirt smell. I love the smell of downey on my clothing and other peoples clothing. I can remember my best friends mom's towels had a slight mildewy smell to wasn't bad, it was just there, we couldn't ever figure out why her towels always smelled like that they just did. They were clean they just didn't smell like downey. I like the smokey smell on my clothes and everything I own after a weekend of camping. Who can resist the smell of coffee in the morning.....MMMMMM.....Thank you God for a super sniffer, it gets me through the day and makes me happy!

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