Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I know!

I am aware of what time it is. Don't remind me. I'll be worthless and grumpy tomorrow. Me thinks Perry has grown or gained weight, and me thinks the meds are not as effective as they once were, or they are wearing off sooner and since I get home later, I get him non-medicated. And the seemingly handsome, however sometimes not so helpful husband sat upon the couch while I fought over homework. When he could have had it done or almost done before I got home, which would have been good cause he would have been MEDICATED. So I was tapped this evening after more than an hour of homework battles. He doesn't mind doing it it's just he has the attention span of a nat after 8pm. So he'll write a letter then pick the eraser off his pencil or humm the star wars tune they play in the Bar area, or the Darth Vader march song. Yes there seems to be somewhat of a healthy addiction to Star Wars going on these days. God give me patience as we head into the do too much trilogy of days for the next 2 months. That actually means I have stuff going on everynight but Monday and Friday for the next 2 months. Keeps me off the streets.

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