Sunday, January 07, 2007

God Knows me!

So I had big plans to talk about being a lemming and Vera Bradley and all thing senseless an meaningless. But thought I'd take a more meaningful route. So the P-man is playing Upwards Basketball again this year. I am faced again with the question is this the right decision? He is still COMPLETELY clueless that there is a ball in play and that there is even a game going on. He's afraid of the ball, during a game he won't even touch it. Which honestly is for the best cause if he got it he probably wouldn't know what to do with it. It's very likely he'd grab it then sit it on the floor and watch it spin.....I'm serious.....There are a few brief moments during the game when he'll realize oh, I'm suppose to be guarding #25 or whatever number, then he'll jump in front of that person and shuffle back and forth and wave his hands wildly. Then his mind takes over and he's back in Perry land. The good thing is this year he for the most part is on the right side of the court more often than last year. And he moves with the pack of players so it appears he is aware of what is going on. It would be so much easier to not have him play basketball. Less embarrassing as I know the other parents are like why is this kid playing? It would be so much easier to avoid those many experiences that make me uncomfortable. If I did that, how many experiences would Perry miss? How many experiences would the people around him miss? How would his coach ever get to interact with someone like Perry? His coach from last year saw him at practice, and said..."it's so nice to see his smiling face again..." Athletics wise Perry offered nothing to the team if anything he gave many baskets away. Yet he offered a lot to his coach, it gives them the oppurtunity to not just work on plays but to work one on one with Perry to give him what he needed to feel a part of a team. It gives the boys the oppurtunity to know someone like Perry, and for them to teach what they know and what comes natural to them...and to reach out to someone who is a little different. And they do....those are the moments I am glad I don't avoid and I push myself to EXPERIENCE. Rick and Dick Hoyt are the hugest examples of Experience...

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ConnieP said...

I saw them on Oprah. Man, that is so inspiring. And, is an amazing example of love.

Okay, I gotta go grab the tissues. If you were here, I would need to give you a hug. (Do virtual hugs count in the great hug experiment?)